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Weekend Outlook

A couple things to look forward to this weekend.

1. The Final Four. Georgetown takes on Ohio State and Florida battles UCLA. Quick thoughts on the game. Georgetown beats OSU. In a game where everyone is concentrating on the battle of the big men, the Buckeye’s 45-year old 7’ foot Greg Oden and Hoyas 7’2” Roy Hibbert, it’s going to be the outside game which is the difference.

The 14 foot 2 inches of battle inside won’t be as big of a factor some think.

Oden might be a better play with more potential but has been in foul trouble all tournament long. He played only 18 minutes against Tennessee and 24 against Memphis against smaller guys. At the best, they will cancel each other out and not be a factor down the stretch. That said, OSU has the better guards, especially Mike Conley Jr. and has had some incredible luck in this tourney with Ron Lewis’s three against Xavier and the comeback against Tennessee. Because of that I think their luck will continue and beat Georgetown.

The other game is a rematch of last year’s championship game. Frankly this one could be real tough to watch. UCLA plays so slow that Mike Brown wishes they pushed the tempo a little more and by watching Florida play you are subject to seeing the ugliest man in college basketball Joakim Hoah and his 4 to 5 random girly screams not to mention him having to redo his pony tail several more times and brushing that mangled mess on the bench.

I can’t take too much more of this

I don’t care who wins this came but we can bet on seeing a few things: Noah looking more puzzled than and 4-year old trying to figure out how his grandpa pulled a coin from his ear at least three times, Al Horford flexing like Hulk Hogan four times and saying “what are you going to do when these pythons come for you, brother,” Ben Howland yelling at Aaron Affialo for shooting with more than 15 seconds left on the shot clock and Lorenzo Mata standing next to Hoah making you wish you didn’t have high definition (or thankful if you don’t). I’ll say UCLA wins just because I don’t think I can take another game of watching him play and I defiantly can’t take him doing a dance like he did when Florida won the SEC Championship.

2. The Cavs at Bulls. To warm up your appetite for the slow placed UCLA game, the Cavs take on the Bulls at 3 on Saturday. The Cavs are holding to a .5 lead on the second seed and with the way things are going that .5 lead will be in Chicago’s favor by the time the Final Four starts. Mike Brown said the team has to go back to basics to fix the team current problems. From the Plain Dealer, he said this…

“When we practice again, we’re going to have to pull out some old defensive drills from training camp. We’ve just got to get back after it on that end of the floor.”

Two thoughts. First, it’s never a good sign when, with 10 games left, you have to go back to training camp drills. Second, what does he mean by “when we practice again?” Brown gave the team Thursday off. Why? They didn’t deserve it. Get them back out on the practice floor and if going of defensive drills is what this team needs, then do it. Don’t wait. But things don’t look good for the Cavs right now.

3. Baseball Season Starts. The MLB season gets under way with the St. Louis Cardinal taking on the NY Mets in a rematch of last years exciting (OK, some what boring) playoff series from last year. Can’t say I’m too excited for this game but I am excited for what it means. It means summer is almost here and summer means cook outs, swimming pools and afternoon beverages. Hurray for baseball. Also it means the Indians start on Monday.

4. C.C. Sabathia’s injury. Reports are in saying C.C. is hopeful to still pitch in the season opener Monday in Chicago. He is suppose to throw a bullpen session today and see how he feels. Call me a pessimistic, or a realist Cleveland fan, but I can see how this plays out now: during C.C.’s bullpen throws, his wrist feels fine, but on his last pitch he strains his oblique muscle again. I hope I’m wrong but C.C. will not start on Monday.

5. Browns and a Quarterback. The Plain Dealer reports the Cleveland Browns are in talks with Kansas City to bring QB Trent Green to town. I like this. Don’t think it will happen but I’m glad GM Phil Savage is at least addressing the quarterback situation by means other than through the draft. Supposedly, KC wants a second round pick for Green and supposedly the Browns are looking at Stanford QB Trent Edwards to take with their second round pick. What Trent would be better for the team? Green, obviously. Make that trade. Why would we draft another young quarterback to “learn” behind two other young quarterbacks in Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson. Green gives us the best chance to win this year. This won’t happen this weekend and if it does at all won’t happen until closer to the Draft but it’s something to keep an eye on.

By the way, ESPN.com put out a Franchise Pain & Suffering Rating. And guess what? Surprise, surprise, all of Cleveland’s teams made the top 24 with the Browns taking No. 2. Congrats Cleveland fans.

6. Blades of Glory. The newest Will Ferrell movie is surrounded by question marks. Have we seen the funniest parts already in the previews? Can Jon Heder play any character other than Napoleon Dynamite? Will this be a Will Ferrell movie like ‘Anchorman’ or ‘Bewitched’? Has ever joke been done with him? Is it still funny to see him naked and acting gay in a non-gay way?
blades of glory
I think all the answers are yes. I think this is going to be a great movie and you can never see too much of Will Ferrell naked. Also curious, if you saw him walking down the street, all by himself, what line from one of his movies would you yell at him? I’m going with the ‘Starsky & Hutchl’ line, “It’s like a little bowl of oatmeal with a a hole in it. I got one too. I just got a little more brown sugar on mine.”



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The Perfect Storm

What a great time to start a sports website. We find ourselves smack dead in the middle of that 2-3 month period where a lot of good sports activities collide. March Madness, MLB, NBA playoffs, AFL! Golf stuff and of course the NFL Draft.

It’s also a good time to be a Cleveland sports fan right now. The Cavs have clinched a playoff spot. Expectations for the Tribe are once again high and the season hasn’t started yet so that means they have yet to blow it. And if you’re a Browns fan this could possibly be the pinnacle of the season. Free Agency. The Draft. A clean slate. It all goes down hill after the first game but that’s months away. Lets focus on the positive, the Draft. Once again our Brownies find themselves in the top 3. Right now we are fine with whomever they take so long as it’s NOT a Quarter Back, especially Brady Quinn. Despite the fact that he looks totally GAY! All-American in the picture below we’re not completely sold on him.

C.C. Sabathia got hit by a line drive yesterday. He is questionable to start in the season opener. Which in Cleveland/C.C. world means he’s out at least 2 months.

The Cavs lost to the Knickerbockers last night. Not a surprise. Road back to back in NY. LeBron’s 6 for 20 performance from the field screams hangover and stinks of Jay-Z.

That’s it for now.


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Bad (Typical) Day for C-town Fans

Wednesday was just the kind of day Cleveland fans have come to expect. A below average spring training came to an end with our No. 1 starter getting hit on the pitching hand with a line drive and the Cavs lost a very winnable game, a game they needed to win, to a New York Knicks team that has more injuries than the Browns and lost two more during the game – Steve “how come no one calls me franchise any more” Francis to an nasty ankle sprain and New York fans most hated first-round draft pick turn lovable long hair hustler Renaldo “don’t call me Ronlando” Balkman.

On the second pitch of his last start in spring training, C.C. Sabathia took a line drive to his pitching off the bat of Toronto Blue Jays Reed Johnson. It swelled up so fast is hand looked like the face of someone who is allergic to peanuts after he ate a whole bag of them. Johnson line drive came back at C.C.’s head.


He describe the incident like this:

“All I could do was throw my hands up. It’s just one of those baseball things.”

Here’s idea C.C., how about you don’t throw you hands up and just get out of the way. Or, better yet, use your glove. Or, best yet, jump up and let your larger than life yet slimed down belly stop the ball. Sabathia’s X-rays were negative, which I guess counts as good luck in this story. Kind of sad that good Cleveland sports news is when our best player gets hurt but doesn’t break anything. He could be ready to go for Opening Day Monday in Chicago but if he follows his own pattern, he won’t be. Last year it was a straight oblique muscle during Opening Night (in Chicago) and two years ago it was the same injury in the first week of spring training that made him miss the first two weeks of the season. Finally C.C.’s porky size body was holding up and then this happens. He, and the fans, can’t catch a break.

This is just another injury in a bad spring training for the Indians. First down goes Cliff Lee doing his best Sabathia imitation by straining is oblique muscle. (What even is an oblique muscle? Did anyone even hear of it, let alone straining one before C.C. did it two years ago?) Then we lose Matt Miller (again) to forearm problems. Three pitchers down. What is this? The Cleveland Browns offensive line? To be honest, I’m worried about Jake Westbrooke’s last start (Friday). If I were Manager Eric Wedge, I’d take him out of that start and just have him pitch a bullpen session to save him. Who knows, with Cleveland’s luck his arm will fall off. Combine that with the fact Grady Sizemore is batting below .200, our first baseman plays right field, our right field is about three years out of his prime, our left field platoon is a guy with no last name and a guy named Dellucci (also past his prime) and our closer already retired, and it makes it a very interesting time in Florida.

All that said, I still very excited for the Indians season for two reasons. One, they are being picked anywhere from going to the World Series to finishing last in the division. (by last I mean fourth because I just don’t consider Kansas City a real team yet. In fact, wins against the Royals should only count as 1/2 wins and loses should count as two.) And two, to hear Tom Hamliton’s voice scream “and there’s a drive!… way back!… and it’s pulled down just in front of the center field warning track.”

More on the Indians season tomorrow, but let’s turn to the Cavs.

Thank you Marbury making my point yesterday by drilling two critical three’s to all but assure the Cavs finish as the fifth seed in the East and by saying the Cavs struggle with the Knicks.

I hate you and your $15 shoes

Their led over the Chicago Bulls is down to one game and they are three back of the Pistons. The Cavs are in Chicago Saturday in a nationally televised game on ESPN. The Cavs can not only lose the No. 2 seed but they can do it by boring a national audience instead of just the regional one as they have been doing the past six games. The Knicks game was so boring to watch I’m ashamed to say I had to watch my DVR’ed episode of Prison Break. I came back to the game in the final four minutes just to realize there seems to be no sense of urgency with the Cavs. It was like they were content to lose the game and get their two days off. Not feeling too good right now about their chances in the playoffs. Don’t even know who I want them to play in the first round because right now I don’t know if they can beat anyone.

On the positive side of Cleveland sports yesterday, you ask and you shall receive. Yesterday I asked Michael Reghi to please come back and what should happen but WKNR 850 brings him back to host the Cavaliers Wine and Gold post game show. mikes back

-He’s back!! (sort of)-

It’s not quite like doing the play-by-play but it’s better than nothing. At least we get to hear Reghi’s voice again.


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Post #2, Stay with us here

I’m still working through the kinks on this site so bare with while I’ll try to figure everything out. Just think of this site as a new relationship. The first few dates are going to be ackward but you see something brewing there that could be pretty special. By the end of a month you can’t imagine what life was without the other person and after a few months you are in love. That’s this site for you. Get past our rookie mistakes in the beginning, like missed spelled words and odd picture size/local, a la a spilled glass of wine or a teeth clank kiss, and things will turn for the better.

One thing that bothered me (I should have mentioned it yesterday but just forgot) about watching the NCAA Regional Final games on Sunday; those Coke-a-Cola commercials where someone says how important a bottle of Coke is in their life. The one with Roy Williams really bothered me. Quick recap of the commercial; Williams tells the story of how when he was young, all his friends would go into a store and buy bottle of Coke after school for a dime. He never did because he couldn’t afford it. His mom found out and then everyday left a dime on the counter for him to buy a Coke with. Now he keeps a fridge stocked full of Coke in his office. Nice story but come on. Does buying a Coke really shape who you are!? I’m not even going to question whether he keeps a Coke in his office, because he probably does. It’s a delicious drink.

Roy asking for another Cokecoke

Someone get me another Coke-a-Cola Classic!

But I doubt he keeps a stocked fridge with old school glass bottles perfectly placed in a fridge that looked more like a wine fridge with a clear glass door in his office. Just not likely. I don’t know why but this commercial really bothered me.

On to all things Cleveland…

The Cavs clinched a playoff spot with a win last night over the Indiana Pacers. No big deal. We all knew they were going to do that since November. Right now they are only 1.5 games up on Chicago for the second seed. If the Bulls pass them they fall to the fifth seed and get either Toronto, Miami or Washington in the first round. And more than likely, Detroit in the second, if they even advance. Holding on to the second seed would put the Cavs against either Orlando, New Jersey, Indiana or New York. Cavs had always had trouble with New Jersey and New York for some reason and Orlando could be dangerous in the playoffs despite their second half tailspin. I don’t think there is going to be a big difference between No. 2 or No. 5. The Cavs will have home court advantage in either spot and could easily win either series and just as easily lose it. Even if the Cavs get the five seed and play the Pistons in the second round, they are going to have to go through them at some point to prove the are a title contender. Not saying it’s going to happen but LeBron can carry his team a playoff series win over Detroit. He almost did it last year and think of how much energy he’ll have saved up this year after not playing the first two-thirds of the season.

Watching the Cavs win last night made me think of a few things. I’m not an Eric Snow fan and cringe every time he shoots the ball, but he is a solid veteran point guard who knows what it takes to win in the post-season. He showed that last year. I like him coming off the bench and playing the crucial minutes down the stretch like he did last night in Indiana. Whether you like it or not, he will be a big factor on how the Cavs do this postseason.

On other Snow news, could Fred McLoud please stop calling him E-Snow. Has anyone else ever called Snow that? Does Snow know he is doing this? He might as well call Drew Gooden, D-Good. Actually, I like D-Good. I’m going to call him that from now on. But McLoud is banned from making up nicknames. Man I miss Michael Reghi.
mike rehgi

Please come back.

Hughes is only shooting 39% and shoots way to many three’s. If he’s driving to the hole, fine. I like him. But he isn’t doing that anymore. He should be the fourth option on the starting five but instead he is second. LeBron is one, Z is two, Sasha three. Get Sasha the ball more. He’s put up better number in less minutes and shots than Hughes. Use him.

More on Hughes and Sasha. If Hughes was suppose to be this great defensive player, why is Sasha constantly guarding the other teams best 2 or 3? This drains him on the offensive end but he still puts up solid numbers. Maybe Hughes is a better off the ball defender but they either need more out of him soon or less and go more to Sasha, Gibson and Z.

Why isn’t Daniel Gibson the first off the bench now? Wasn’t he starting a month ago and playing really well? Why is he only getting 12-15 minutes a night now? He’s young, energetic, a decent defender and the Cavs best outside shooter.

Something has been bothering me since the start of the season. It hasn’t got the attention it deserves. What is going on with D-Good’s hair? Well he finally put an end to the speculation of what was up with the pack of hair on the back of his head right above his neck (I just assumed the person who shaved D-Good’s head was playing a joke on him and leaving it there on purpose and seeing how long it took D-Good to figure it out) Gooden talked with the PD’s Mary Schmitt Boyer about it and this is what he said.

I’m growing it out into a duck tail. I’m trying to bring it back.

Really Drew? A duck tail? Classic. I actually hope he does it.

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Welcome Sports Fans

Welcome to our new sports blog. J and I will bring you a unique look at all things sports, concentrating more on the Cleveland area teams since they are who we know and love. But we will touch on just about every subject in the world of sports. We are just getting started so we aren’t exactly sure how often we will post (we’ll each try at least once a day, if not more) or what we will post on. All we know is it should be fun, funny and interesting. We’d like to hear from you too whenever we tick you off or push your buttons or mention something you agree with. We’re just looking to have a good time talking sports with a wide varity of people.

Cleveland sports teams caused quite a range of emotions for their fans over the years. Obviously more heartbreak than joyous moments due to the likes of Jose Mesa and Michael Jordan and John Elway. But at least our Cleveland Crunch/Force have brought us multiple championships (oh yeah, no one cares). This can be your new place to vent, complain, hate on, argue the wrong moves made by the teams and occasionally praise them or anything that is going on in the sports universe. We’ll share with you our ideas and some what bizarre predictions (I think J was they only one who picked the Browns to make the playoffs in 2002 but then again he has picked the Browns to go to the playoffs every year since 2000. Good work buddy. Can’t wait to see what you think of this year).

Well that’s enough intro and babbling to get you started but I figure I should say something of substance for my first post. Here are some things have me thinking this morning….

Articles in the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Akron Beacon Journal today (Tuesday March 27) both talked about the Browns’ draft plans. The bottom line in both stories, the Browns have no idea what they are going to do with their pick. On the surface that may seem like a bad idea but it isn’t. By not knowing what they are doing, teams below them don’t know what they are going to do. In order to prepare for a draft, it’s easier if you know what the teams in drafting in front of you are going to do. All I know is the Browns better not take Brady QuinnPlease don't draft this tool. (ABJ’s Terry Pluto explained it perfectly in Sunday’s paper). If somehow JaMarcus Russell falls to No. 3, then they should take him. If not, weigh your options and look to trade down. A Calvin Johnson or a Adrian Peterson isn’t going to be the difference in a playoff appearence this year or not (as much as J might want you to believe). By trading down, the Browns will pick up more draft picks to fill more needs. Say Johnson is avalable at No. 3. The Browns could take him but why not trade down to seventh (Minnasota) or eighth (Atlanta, from Houston) for a second round pick and take the best avalible player there. More players, makes more sense. GM Phil Savage seems to know his draft so it would be hard to screw this one up. But if anyone can do that, it’s someone running a Cleveland team. Much more on the draft when we get closer.

Did you see that shot the walking technical foul Rasheed WallaceThe Ugliest Player in the NBA actually looks better here than in real life. hit to send Detriot’s game with Denver into OT. Just the type of shot by the Ugliest Man in the NBA that reminds you that Cleveland gets no luck. The Pistons go on to win in overtime and Cavs fall another 1/2 game back in the standings.

That’s it for now. Later this week, our Indians and MLB season predictions as well as why baseball is the most exciting boring sport. Also Final Four opinions and a wrap-up of the entire NCAA tourney.


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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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