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What Eric Snow and I have in common

Eric Snow hasn’t played a game this year for the Cleveland Cavaliers. We knew that would be the case entering the year. His knees, and his jumper, just wouldn’t let him compete at an NBA level anymore. Yesterday, the news hit us like a bat out of hell. Eric Snow’s medical release had been granted and he was officially retired from the NBA. OK, so it wasn’t completely like a bat out of hell. More like a seeing a McDonald’s on the highway after seeing signs for it every half mile.

Now it is my turn to follow in Eric Snow’s footsteps. Today, it is with a heavy heart, but no regrets, I announce my official retirement from J Beanie Sports and the blogging world. Like Eric Snow, we all knew this was coming at some point. Ever since I went back to school and stopped working I haven’t had the time to dedicate myself to J Beanie Sports like this site deserves.

(Retirement speech sidebar: I know the irony that I quit my job and now I have less time to work on the site but when all I did at work was write, it was easy to do. Now all my time is spent away from a computer or studying. Yep, I suck.)

I wish I had more free time. I wish I had the desire to keep this site running. But I just don’t anymore. You got to know when to walk away. All the great ones struggle with that and I am no exception. I thought I could keep a quality site going while still in school but that is no longer the case. I realize that now. I know it’s time for me to move on; time for all of us to move on. (pause… sniff… wipe tears… long breath)

We had some great times together, there’s no doubt about that. What started as a fun way for two friends to talk sports with people turned into a one-person freak show that captivated the attention of no more, no less, than 8 people for nearly two years. That is who I feel sorry for the most; (more tears) my readers, my followers, my fans. All 8 of you have meant the world to me these past two years. It is you kept me going when I didn’t want to go anymore. On those days when I didn’t know what to write, or didn’t want to write, I thought about you and how sad, disappointed and upset; how your day would be ruined if you came to J Beanie Sports and there wasn’t a new post, so I pushed out a quality post. For you, I say thank you and I’m sorry.It’s been a good run, a good time and good experiences. You’ll never been forgotten.

Along the way we’ve made some new friends, brought old friends together, torn some friendships apart, turned a few gay, started a rivalry that seems more like a man crash and made everyone hate the guy who went by one initial. All good times. Our new friends, Graig and Damman, have been the pillar of blogging commentership.

Graig, I thank you for introducing me to your blog, even if I couldn’t live up to us here at J Beanie. I will continue to keep an eye on you and your site (by “keep an eye on you” I mean if you hear some jostling in the bushes outside your home, don’t worry, it’s just me pleasuring myself to your cannonball like body of a man.) I hope you enjoy your meat-fest pig out on Easter. If you make love to the steak before you eat it, all the more you’ll enjoy it. I wish you the best of luck in your marriage. We should make a bet: whose marriage will last longer? Winner gets to pick the loser’s second wife, no questions asked.

Damman, some say you look like Peyton, others like Eli. I’ve always thought you looked like a Cooper mixed with Maury Povich. Those of us up north were never sure how to pronounce your name. We didn’t know if it was Dam-man, Damon, Da-man or if Damman was even your real name. It spurred many a great arguments.

Seal, you were always the most fired up of my commenters. It didn’t matter if it W talking about the Tribe like he was a sixth-grade girl, Graig talking about the Browns or me just calling you bald, you were always there with an over-the-top, ridiculous, grade-school retort, and I love you for it. Yours and Graig’s rivalry was classic and it will be one of the most missed things about this site.

Rosie, your silence never meant you didn’t read or appreciate my work. To me, it meant I was dead on perfect with my opinions and predictions and there nothing you could add since I said it all so perfectly.

Frank, your silence did mean you stopped reading but I can forgive you since you are always there with open arms and a shoulder when I need it.

Wes, you didn’t comment much but when you did, my God was it glorious.

Whoever was Graig Jr., thank you. Your time at this site was more enjoyable and entertaining than watching Bub run to first base during our awesomely bad softball season.

GFB, this site has brought us closer than any brother-in-laws could possibly have become through non-sexual relations. Your insights have been slightly above what W brought to the table but for some reason everyone seems respect you more. I know you were always there to talk Browns but I hope I gave you some reason to be a Cavs fan too. We have become so close I’m almost ready to drop the GF from your name and just call you Brother. (more, lots more, tears)

W, I almost regret giving you this website. Almost, because as annoying as you were, it was fun to watch everyone rip on you.

Scott, I loved… well, I don’t know what I loved about your presence here but I love you. I did love how you like to piss off the OSU people because that is always funny. Stupid Buckeye fans.

J, this was supposed to be a two man team. It ended up being mostly just me. But I never felt alone out here. (sniff, wipe tears) Even if you weren’t contributing with posts or comments, I knew you were with me, guiding and helping me along. I could feel your big soft hands and flush warm belly on me as I typed every single word on this site.

To the rest of you who I may have forgotten, I’m sorry. It’s not because I don’t appreciate what you brought to this site. It just that I can’t remember anything you did to make this site better, or worse, off the top of my head. But I still think you’re average.

This is harder now than I thought it would be. I thought announcing my retirement would be easy since I had just about retired a few weeks ago. But now that I’m making it official, with these big old tears in my eyes, I’m realizing how much this site has meant to me. I hope, and know, that it has meant a lot to you too. Even it only meant a five minute break in your day where you got to come and make fun of my grammar and spelling, it gave you something to do. You all came here every day and I gave you something to talk about. For that, you’re welcome. I know I took my shots from you but I know it was out of respect and love since you all looked up to me with fondness and jealousy. But I am not a God, simply an above average mortal that you will never be equal with.

Eric Snow’s career wasn’t always rosy and peachy. He had a good run, had some really good seasons ended long after he should have. I’ll always remember him playing 42+ minutes in the game after the big trade last year (the same game BILLY came into our lives). Snow also played in an NBA Finals, I think he made an All-Star game and he generally was a quality NBA player. I like to remember him for that and not his horrible jump shot that a retarted one-armed seven-year old girl that looked bad.

I’ve had my ups and downs as a blogger. Of course my spelling and grammar is not the best. You know that and you appreciate that. I’ve had moments of not such brilliance; like some of my predictions (see, NCAA tournament, 2009). But overall I think I’ve had a good run. I brought you quality post like the Levels of Creepiness, BILLY, first-hand Browns experiences, live updates of the Gladiators in the AFL Championship, Cavs run to the NBA Finals and so much more. Like I’ll remember E. Snow for his quality career, remember me for my quality blogsmenship, not the way my career fizzled out down the stretch. (Really trying to hold back the tears now)

So this is it. This is the final J Beanie entry. There will be no more. I know I’m going to miss it. I know I’m going to miss putting my predictions and ideas out there just in case one of them actually comes true. But as I’ve said, you deserve better and right now I can’t give it to you. I’m not saying there isn’t a Michael Jordan comeback in me but I’m saying there is a 99.8% chance that I won’t blog again. (Not even trying to hold the tears back anymore, let them flow because I know yours are streaming down your face too.) To fill you void of random awesomeness blogs, continue to check G$’s site. I will, from time-to-time share some ideas there that may just blow your mind over there.

Homer Simpson once said “I don’t think anything I’ve ever done has been wrong.” I echo that thought today. Sure, my grammar and spelling and predictions are usually off just a bit but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong. I was right in so many ways for starting J Beanie. And now is also the right time to end it. I love you guys. (I never thought I’d compare myself to Eric Snow in my final post.)


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