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Halloween weekend of football

Cavs looked good last night, didn’t they? That’s the kind of game we need/expect out of our back court to help LeBron. I think LBJ’s scoring will dip down to about 26-27 this year but assist and rebounds will be near triple double average. The one thing that still bothers me, why can’t this team, any Mike Brown team, play well in the third quarter. This has been a problem for years and it doesn’t make any sense. It didn’t cost them last night because the Bobcats play Adam “I can’t believe I look more like a douche with my head shave than I did when it was really nappily long but I do” Morrison more than 20 minutes a game. (I wonder if they made the right decision picking him over Brandon Roy?) Anyway, the weekend is here, it’s Halloween, there are some great football games, I’m going to tailgate for the first time this year for the Browns, so yeah, it should be a good weekend. Let’s take a look at some college games then the NFL schedule.


Florida at Georgia – How come CBS was previewing this game last week as No. 5 Florida vs. No. 4 Georgia? Florida was 10 last week and Georgia was 7. Did they think people would be more interested in this game if it was a 4-5 match-up? I don’t think 4-5 or 6-8 makes much a difference. It’s still a huge game. This is want I want to see out of it: We all remember last year when Georgia’s entire team ran on the field to  celebrate the first touchdown. So this year, I say the do it again. Just to piss of Florida even more. If Florida scores first, I say they send the whole team out as a revenge thing. I could see one team doing it, the next trying to one up them by tearing down the goal post, then the other team ripping up grass, burning benches, this could go on forever. Florida seems like a team that would take it one step too far so therefore they win.

Texas at Texas Tech – What’s the over under? 90? 115? 245? This has potential to be the most entertaining college football game of the year and the most satisfy since, well, last weekend when Penn State shut up all those Ohio State fans talking about getting into the BSC title game. I want TT to win and run the table undefeated. Do I see it happening, no. Texas played three team in a row ranked 11 or better, and they destroyed them all. They won’t destroy TT but they will win. If Texas is going to stumble, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was to Kansas or Texas A&M.

Michigan at Purdue – Two weeks ago, Michigan put a solid first half together against Penn State before realizing they suck. Last week it was three quarters against Michigan State before the realization set in. They are building up to a complete game. Will they get it against Purdue? I sure hope so but I’m not that confident. Both teams are 2-6 so I guess there’s a chance but how can I feel good about Michigan ever winning a game again. That said; after Purdue, they got Minnesota, Northwester, Ohio State. To continue their streak of 33 season in a bowl game, they to win out. It’s possible, right? 

NFL (Last week I had my best week going 10-4 to bring the season record to 61-49.)

BUFFALO vs New York Jets – Mangini has asked Favre to stop taking so many gambles. Favre joked he isn’t a gambler (haha, get it, because Mangini was talking about his horrible throws off the back foot into triple coverage and Favre was joking that he doesn’t gamble like cards and betting. Oh that Brett. What a guy!) So Favre, in an effort to show up his coach, will throw gambling pass after gambling pass and get picked off 4 times.

CHICAGO vs Detroit – Detroit is calling on Daunte Culpepper to the rescue. So I guess it safe to say the winless season is 95% guaranteed.

JACKSONVILLE at Cincinnati – So TJ Houzezmandadda said he is going to talk from his house to the NFL Network studios if the Bengals go winless. Wow. What a crazy guy he is. That’s a whole 27 miles. What a gutsy ultimatum made by the ponytail lovin’ Indian/Spanish/Mexican? (does anyone know?) wide receiver. I can guarantee he doesn’t do this. Just what a stupid thing to even say. How did this even come up? Did some reporter ask “Hey, TJ, if you don’t win a game this year, what are you going to?” Or, “Do you think you’ll win a game this year?” Or did TJ just bring it up all on his own?

TENNESSEE vs Green Bay – I’m having a hard time buying into the Titans are the best team in the NFL but I guess they are. Of course, now that I’m picking them to win, go out and bet on the Packers for the upset.

ARIZONA at St. Louis – Who said Madden video games aren’t just like the real thing. My brother and I were playing yesterday, he was Arizona, I was Baltimore, and in the first quarter, Kurt Warner had an interception, a fumble returned for a touchdown, a touchdown pass and then left the game with a rib injury. Classic Mr. Brenda Warner.

HOUSTON at Minnesota – Andre Johnson really isn’t that good. It’s down here for now. I mean, can you really expect him to have the greatest statistical receiving month again? My advice, if you have him on your fantasy football team, sell high. Trade him. I good trade would be AJ and David Garrard for Peyton, DeSean Jackson/Wes Welker and MJD/Mewelde Moore/Pierre Thomas or whoever else you want. 

TAMPA BAY at Kansas City – Tyler Thigpen is really a starting quarterback in the NFL?

MIAMI at Denver – Ted Ginn’s emergence last week makes this offense almost unstoppable. OK, not really but they still beat Denver.

ATLANTA at Oakland – Who has a bigger fantasy day, Matt Ryan or Mike Turner? 

NY GIANTS vs Dallas – Can you believe Dallas fans are actually calling for Brooks Bollinger to play? Yeah, that Brooks Bollinger. The same Brooks Bollinger who has throw just 343 career passes with eight INTs. That’s how bad things are in Dallas.

PHILY at Seattle – Seattle, you had your fun last week. This is not the 49ers. 

NEW ENGLAND at Indy – This game used to have so much hype and promise and expectations. Now it’s almost a who cares game.

WASHINGTON vs Pittsburgh – I’m taking Washington more because I want them to win than anything else. The Skins always seem to play to their opponents level. They’ll win a close one but the real story is Chris Berman is going to interview McCain and Obama. I’ll tell you right know, the first person to say “Berman, you are washed up and you suck” or to simply punch him in the face, will get my vote, and I’m sure the vote of millions of other from the “I hate Chris Berman fan club.”

CLEVELAND vs Baltimore – The first one o’clock home game of the year for the Browns. This is the time and type of game they are used to playing. I truly think they have turned the corner and will play good football from here on out. Lewis has a big game and DA is solid with a touchdown and no picks. .500 baby! HERE WE GO BROWNIES, HERE WE GO…


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The World Series and Paul Pierce, finally, get what they deserve


First of all, my apologizes for not posting yesterday. Graig was half right. I was in my office bathroom crying because there was no AC broadcasting the season opener (that may be why the Cavs lost) but I am not a behind-love-maker.

OK on to two things that I feel I need to vent about. I’m stealing a page from our blogging friend G-Money (yep, I’m not below stealing ideas) and giving a middle finger to the World Series and Paul Pierce.

First, the World Series. I’m putting the over/under at 8.5 for deaths in Phily in the overnight hours. That’s the same number of people outside of Tampa and Phily, who watch the Series. Let’s just count the reason why this World Series will go down as the worst in the history of game.

1. The great story of underdog and worst team in baseball for 10 years to World Series Champs never happened. I think everyone wanted the Rays to win this thing and what do they do? Their best players start playing like A-Rod and David Ortiz. 

2. The weather was ridiculous. You expect it to be cold in Phily in October but the rain and snow made it awful. Game Three was delayed almost two hours. Game Four ended early and Game Five was the first WS game in the 150 year history (made up that number) to be suspended. 

3. Which brings us to Bud Selig. What are you doing man? Game Five was an absolute joke. What made you even think you could play that game? It was raining and snowing and the forecast called for it to continue all night. But you said “Screw it. We have a TV deal to live up to. We’re playing this game.” Fine. But then by the third inning couldn’t you tell the field was becoming unplayable. I get it’s a WS game and you want to play it but my goodness the field was sloppier than Courtney Love’s bathing suit area. No one wanted to play there. But do you call the game before it’s too deep? No. You sit there and pray and pray and pray that the Rays tie the game so you can call it. How lucky are you they did? If they don’t, how long do you let that tomfoolery go on?

And let me ask you this, Mr. Ties are Cool. You said if Tampa didn’t score in the fifth to tie it, you would have still called the game and call it a suspended game that would be made up later. Really? So now you are just making up rules? That’s cool. After 5 1/2 innings, if the home team is winning, it’s a complete game. Bottom line. End of sentence. Period. Doesn’t matter if it’s the World Series or the first game of the year. A rules a rule. If you are going to start changing rules, why not do it for things that would make the game more interesting. For example: you know when you go to the driving range and there is that kid in the fenced in golf cart picking up balls and you try so hard to hit him? Put one of those kids in the outfield and if someone hits him it counts as two runs. Or, if the team you bet on isn’t winning, you come down from the stands and say “No, three outs in an inning? Not anymore. They get five. And walks are now two bases.” Rules are rules buddy. They can’t be changed. Just ask the Chargers and Guns  Hochuli. I get why you did it. No one wants the World Series to end like that. Well, no one expect Phily and their fans since they deserved it if that would have happened.

4. As bad as the World Series has been, this almost makes up for it. When The Commish was introduced to present the WS trophy, Phily fans started booing Selig and he acts like he can’t hear them (or he thought they were saying “Booouuuuu-dd”). The only thing that would have made it better was if there was enough snow to bombard him with snowballs like he was Santa Claus.

And the other middle finger goes to our bastard little friend PP. Really? You were crying like a sixth-grade who just got dumped by the cool kid at school? Or maybe a better comparison, like a NBAer who fell too hard on his leg and made a boo-boo so his teammates had to carry him off the floor and to the locker room so his mommy could come kiss his boo-boo and make it all better. I understand being happy that you are raising the championship trophy but you won it over four months ago. You made Kevin Garnett look normal. 

Then, if that’s not enough, you give a “heart felt” speech where you thank the fans. Only, in-between sobs and sniffs and tears, you managed to say “me” and “I” and “mine” way more than “team” and “us.” Classy. And why even give that speech?  Who allowed you to do that? Two years ago you turned you back on the team and fans by not playing when you could have and tanking the season, hoping to get dealt. Now you are crying and thanking them? You are a bastard and I hope you blow out your ACL or you met Darrent Williams and Sean Taylor.


So to the World Series and PP, enjoy your middle finger given by Beanie stolen from Graig. You both suck. We can only hope PP follows the WS and goes away for a year.

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Cavs start tonight and NBA predictions

It’s basketball season. The Cavs open the season tonight in Boston. Just think, if it was for J.P. freaking Brown, the Celtics would be opening the season in Cleveland while we got our rings. Damn it. But let’s not dwell on the past. This is a new season. A new team and Cleveland’s best chance for a championship since the Indians were up 3-1 on the Red Sox. 

Before we get to the season, let’s talk about what is happening tonight. Before the game the Celtics will get their rings and raise their NBA championship banner. Good for them. That’s the attitude the Cavs have taken. When most of these ceremonies take place, you see the visiting team standing there with a pissed off look and half-heartedly clapping, trying to be good sports when they really want to run out there and start a brawl. Not the Cavs. They will be in the locker room. They won’t see the ceremony. I like the move. I first thought seeing the presentation would be good for LeBron and Co. to get motivated. Then I read what Our King said about the whole situation. “We don’t need to be out there watching that; we need to get ready for the game. Congratulations to them. But we’re not the fans of Boston. We don’t need to be out here clapping for them getting rings.” And when asked if the Cavs could use the ceremony as motivation, LBJ said, “That’s stupid.”

I like that attitude. Screw the Celtics. Screw the rest of the NBA. This season is about the Cavs and right now I like their attitude and their chances.

As for the season, we’ve said it before but this is the best team the Cavs have had since LeBron came here. I know, I know, we said that two years ago and we said it last year (sorta). But this is different. Mo is the point guard we need to push the ball. Wally, Delonte and Ben have been with the team and have had a playoff run and offseason to bond with teammates and learn the system. That alone makes each of those three better. The 2-guard spot isn’t the most talented but it’s the deepest. West will start with Wally, Boobie and Sasha all playing. I like the ability to play the hot hand. If Sasha is sucking (he could be the most inconsistent player on the team) then he doesn’t play. But if he’s playing well, stick with him. If Wally’s back starts acting up like he is having flash backs of taking it up the ass at Miami (since we know everyone who graduated from there does that) then he can rest and wait until the next game. The Cavs have the ability this year to run.. a lot. I hope, and we better, see LBJ at the 4 quite a bit. Mo, Boobie, Wally/Sasha, LBJ, Andy/Ben. That’s a running line up. But what I like the most about this season is LeBron is just now entering his prime. It’s his sixth season so he knows everything there is to know about the Association. He is still just 24 years old. He just won a gold medal and was the unquestioned leader of the team where Kobe and D-Wade and others were on the team. He is simply better than anyone else in the league.  How can you not like the chances of team lead by that man. Cavs should finish second in the East at the worse. And by next year, the Cavs will be opening the season at home getting their rings, raising their banners and making some other chumps decided if they want to watch it all.

NBA PREDICTIONS (* means playoff team)





New York

New Jersey













EAST FINALS – Cleveland over Boston







Oklahoma City


*LA Lakers


LA Clippers

Golden State



*New Orleans

*San Antonio




WEST FINALS – New Orleans over San Antonio

NBA CHAMPS – Cleveland

MVP – LeBron

ROY – Michael Beasely

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Browns win even though they can’t score from inside the five-yard line

A nice win for the Browns yesterday, wasn’t it? Was anyone else just waiting for the Jaguars to score on that final play? It just seemed that a last second loss would sum up exactly what the Browns are. I was nervous. I saw coke head Matt Jones catching that bobbling pass. I saw that final desperation play being caught. I saw a flag for pass interference on that final play. All would have made sense since that’s the kind of luck the Browns always seem to have roll their way. But none of that happened and the Browns got the big W.

But let’s not forget that it shouldn’t have even come down to that final drive. Here’s what the Browns need to work on: Scoring from inside the five yard line. Seriously, how bad can one team be to not score when you get three or four chances inside the five. Last week it took eight plays to score after having first and goal. This week once inside the one-yard line first and goal and they don’t get any points. Another time first and goal from the three and they had to kick a field goal. Late in the game, the Browns had a 4-play, zero-yard drive that took up 21 seconds. It ended with a Dawson field goal for a 23-17 lead which was huge but you got to be able to move the ball in that situation.

The Browns need to get a little more creative in those situations; creative like that 4th-and-1 call that had play action pass to Heiden. Jamal Lewis up that middle only works every so often since the defense knows it’s coming. A little play action, a roll out, a toss wide with Harrison or Wright, or my choice would be a quarterback draw with Cribbs. Or an option play with Cribbs where he has the chance to throw a short pass or run. Spread the field and let Cribbs do his thing. If you notice on all his kick-off returns he gets and extra five or six yards every time after the first hit. If he runs from the three yard line, he has a good chance to score.

DA (That’s Derek Anderson for all you who are still confused about that nick name) looked much better. This guy is starting to get frustrating. Good one week, bad the next. Maybe he should just play every other week. Put Brady in for next week then DA the week after that. It was very nice to see him throw a perfect deep ball to Braylon and even nicer to see Braylon make some catches. DA’s best pass of the game was the 53-yarder to Syndric Steptoe. It was perfectly throw just pass the linebacker in front and Steptoe made a nice move to break it into a big gain. Steptoe is looking like a solid No. 3 receiver.

The defense was great. Well good. They stopped the run against a running team, besides letting Garrard break a few. The pass rush was consistent. They did give up some big pass plays but they seemed to make the big plays when they needed to. Shaun Rogers is a beast.

No Winslow again, Browns win again. Weird. Not saying the Browns are better without him, but maybe they are. What is true, the Browns seem to play better when there is some drama and question marks about them putting their backs up against the wall. They responded with a “season saving win” against NY Giants and they did it with another huge win against Jacksonville amongst all the Winslow distractions. A win next week against Baltimore and they’re at .500. With the way the defense is playing now, I expect that to happen against Joe Flacco. HERE WE GO BROWNIES…

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Another season determining game and other Week 7 thoughts

It’s a big week in the NFL. At least I think it is. What actually makes it a big week I’m not sure. It’s not like it’s any bigger than last week or next week. It’s just a week. Maybe by saying “big” it’s suppose to make us more “pumped” for the games? I do know it is a big game for Cleveland this week. We said back on the MNF game against the Giants that the season was on the line. The Browns responded with a great win only to follow it up with a much more typical Browns performance against the Redskins. This week the season is on the line again against Jacksonville. Win and they can still salvage the season; lose, and there’s no way they overcome 2-5. They’d have to go no worse than 7-2 the stretch and does anyone see that happening? After JAX, the Browns have to winnable games with Baltimore and Denver at home. They need this game.

But will they get it? Who knows. The easy answer is no because they aren’t good. But the last time we thought the Browns were done they beat the undefeated Super Bowl champs in convincing fashion. JAX has a good defense and it screams another horrible for Derek Anderson. The Jaguars have a good run game that screams double 100 yard games for MJD and the Old Man. There is absolutely no reason to think the Browns can win this game. So that’s why I’m picking them to win. 

In the Akron Beacon Journal this morning, the worst columnist in the history of sports writers, Patrick McManamon said the Browns should release K2. Good call there genius. Just because he said something semi negative about the organization you want to get rid of him? I get it though. Let’s just let our more reliable receiver walk away for nothing. He was pissed and said what he needed to say and it’s over. He’s a football player so he’ll continue to play football and play hard for the Browns. Why you would want to get rid of someone with that much talent who, even though he seems a little bit crazy, has been a great teammate, makes about as much sense and trading DA and Brady Quinn for Vinny Testaverde.

On to the games… (7-7 last week for a 51-45 overall record. How’s everyone else doing?)

BROWNS at Jacksonville – for no other reason than I want to.

TAMPA BAY at Dallas – So Wade Phillips has decided to take over the play calling on defense to become “more proactive.” Really? The head coach of a “Super Bowl contender” needs to do something to become more proactive? Yeah, I’d say this team is done. And I haven’t even mentioned Brad Johnson. Did someone say Drew Henson? Rumor has it, the Cowboys are interested in him.

WASHINGTON vs Detroit – I can’t decide who to root for here. The Redskins to keep my dream of two winless teams in one season alive. Or the Lions because the Redskins are now up to Bengals/Ravens hate level. I think Washington wins but they haven’t looked too good the last too weeks so I wouldn’t be totally shocked (and would be completely happy) if the Lions won.

MIAMI vs Buffalo – Everyone is giving the Bills the AFC East title already (I still think the Pats win it) Trent Edwards has done more talk shows this week than Al Roker in his life. Miami was my surprise team this year so I’m sticking with them. 

NEW ENGLAND vs St. Louis – The magic of Jim Haslett runs out and the magic of Matt Cassel picks up. In other Patriot news, Tom Brady’s surgery reportedly didn’t go well. I don’t understand this. How can someone like Brady, who has the choice of any doctor in the country at his disposal, not have a successful surgery? And how can it get infected, not once, but twice? This doesn’t make any sense. I know a couple people you had ACL surgery and it was fine for them. How can Brady not get a good doctor and where are they doing the surgery where it can get infected? Then it gets infected while they do a procedure to get rid of the infection. This really boggles the mind.

NEW ORLEANS vs San Diego (in London)The Saints continue their good one week bad the next. Well they may still look bad because of the awesome weather in England, but not as bad as the Chargers. If the Chargers can travel three hours east and play well on the east coast, how are they going play well traveling to another country? Saints win an ugly one.

NY JETS vs Kansas City – The Chiefs may have the worst run defense in NFL history and that bolds well for Thomas Jones fantasy owners. But if Daunte Culpepper comes out from the locker room with the Chiefs after halftime, he could led a huge second half rally that will have KC only lose 34-6 instead of 34-0.

PHILADELPHIA vs Atlanta – Westbrook is back, he plays well, Eagles win, then after the game they find another injury to him. In Falcon news, former kicker Tony Zendejas is on trial for charges that he drugged and raped women. So I guess the pick up line “What do you mean you don’t know who I am? I’m Tony Zendejas. I kicked for the Rams, Oilers, Falcons and 49ers,” doesn’t as good as I thought it would.

BALTIMORE vs Oakland – No way does Oakland win two games in a row. 

ARIZONA at Carolina – That’s assuming if Anquan Boldin plays, Kurt Warner doesn’t start crying and play like his wife Brenda looks.

HOUSTON vs Cincinnati – My biggest fear this week is both the Bengals and the Lions win. 

PITTSBURGH vs New York Giants – This is the best match-up of the week. I really want the Giants to win but this is the kind of game the Steelers always find a way to win. Roethlisberger could have four turnovers and yet they’ll win. It’s at Pittsburgh and people don’t seem to be putting the Steelers as one of the top teams in the NFL. I hate to say it but they are and they win this game. Please, please prove me wrong NYG.

SAN FRANCISCO vs Seattle – If the Steelers-Giants game is the best match-up of the week, this is by far the worse.

INDIANAPOLIS at Tennessee – Colts in prime time on Monday Night against the undefeated Titans. Time for them to show exactly what kind of team they are and that they aren’t ready to give up the reigns in the AFC South. Colts aren’t done yet.

No Sunday night game this week because of the World Series. Bad move by NBC because they could throw the Lions and Seahawks out there and it would get better ratings than the WS. Oh well. GO BROWNS!!!

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College Football picks

We’re coming up on another weekend of big time college football games. On slate there are four games between top 25 teams, including one match up of top 10 teams. Plus the state of Michigan tries to not embarrass itself again.


Illinois at Wisconsin – Hey, Illini, welcome to the Everyone Beats Wisconsin Club. 

Texas Tech at Kansas – Kansas has lost two games this year and both were to ranked teams. Tech is ranked eighth. I see the trend continuing. But even with a loss, KU will still be in first place in the Big XII North. Welcome back to reality Big XII North, where you aren’t that good and the South is by far the better division yet the second place team gets screwed out of championship game so some .500 team from the North can play in it even though they’ll lose by 45.

Northwestern at Indiana – Don’t look now but the Wildcats can win the Big Ten. An Ohio State win over Penn State and then NW beats OSU. Crazy? Yeah, a little but commenter/brother Scott pointed out the last time Northwestern won the Big Ten outright, 1995, they had a experienced senior running back (Darnell Autry) and quarterback (Steve Schnur) and the Chuck Bednarik Award and Bronko Nagurski winner in a linebacker named Pat Fitzgerald. Now, they have a senior running back, Tyrell Sutton, senior quarterback, C.J. Bacher, and a coach named Pat Fitzgerald. I’m just saying.

Minnesota at Purdue – Really? Both Minnesota and Northwestern are ranked? This is a crazy college football season. 

Oklahoma at Kansas State – The Sooners win by 50 and Bradford might not throw an incomplete pass.

Kentucky at Florida – UK should call up Wilbur and see if he wants to play linebacker for them again. Give that guy a scholarship. UK in an upset.

Olkahoma State at Texas – The big game of the week. No. 6 vs No. 1. The easy pick is to say Texas rolls. But the way the last two seasons have gone, I’m taking the Cowboys in a game that will see over 110 points.

Georgia at LSU – Without the aid of Wilbur, LSU’s defense won’t  come up with the big stop they need.

Penn State at Ohio State – Whenever Penn State host a night game, they “white out” the place. Will Ohio State be just as gay and “red out” or “gray out” the Shoe? The Buckeyes looked awesome against Michigan State last week. Is that the real offense? Or is Michigan State that bad? What Penn State team is for real? The first half against Michigan or the second? The game will come down to the end when Pryor will have to make a play. The question is will he? Does it help that Penn State sees a Pryor like QB everyday in practice? I got to take Penn State making the stop they need.

Michigan State at Michigan – Last weekend the state of Michigan, their football was embarrassed. I don’t see either coming back and totally redeeming themselves. Michigan just isn’t good so why would I ever think they would. And if MSU wins, it’s not like anyone is going to say, oh, they are a good team after all. Ringer could run for 658 yards. But I had a feeling Michigan would be Wisconsin way back win and I got a feeling they’ll win this game too. It’s a rivalry game so anything is possible, right? I sure hope so. I stand by my preseason prediction of MSU being an overrated team that will go 6-6. Last week started them on their annual path of disappointment.

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Grab Bag’s Back!!!

We’re going old school style today and bring back everyone’s favorite bag… The Grab Bag!!! (Well, it’s not W’s favorite bag. His is the new tan leather European carry all he bought yesterday that goes perfectly with his favorite pair of shoes.)

Spoiled piece of meat – The Browns suspended Kellow Winslow for one game after his comments about being a “piece of meat” and was upset Phil Savage didn’t come visit him in the hospital. Poor guy. I don’t understand the suspension. All he did was question the how management ran the team, called out the owner and said he didn’t feel like he was part of the team. I mean if any of us did that about our bosses we would be fired, not suspended for a week. Maybe K2 forgot how the Browns kept paying him even when he wasn’t playing and violated his contract when he forgot to put training wheels on his motorcycle. He has no right to say anything bad about the Browns since they took care of him when so many other teams would taken a business approach and not paid him those two years. We’re starting to get a Shockey situation. The Browns tried to trade K2 and no one was willing to give up equal value to get him. I see why we traded up in the draft to get Martin Rucker. 

A really spoiled piece of meat – Speaking of pieces of meat, don’t go ordering the prime rib at the Ramble Inn if you are ever find yourself in Newbury, Ohio. (Why you’d ever be in Newbury is beyond me but just take the free advice.) The West Geauga football team had their team meal there and all but seven players got sick. Some call it bad food, some say it was poisoned. West Geauga is only 5-4 on the year. Why would someone want to poison them? If it was poison, I bet Coach Bud Kilmer had something to do with it.

What did he think was going to happen? – Jose Canseco says he’s sorry for writing “Juiced” and naming names, saying: “I never realized this was going to blow up and hurt so many people.” His reasoning for writing the book was because he wanted revenge because he believed MLB forced him out of the game. If by forced you mean no one wanted you because you sucked, couldn’t lift your arms above your shoulders and are arguably the worst human being to ever walk the earth, then yes, MLB forced you out of the game. Canseco called it one of his biggest mistakes. I would say deciding not to kill yourself at 15 and deciding to fight Vai Sikahema in a boxing match were bigger mistakes. What did Jose think was going to happen when he named names? Bigger question, why is anyone even talking to this guy still?

Since it may still be a big deal to some people – The World Series starts tonight. Yep, that’s baseball people. As much as I don’t care for baseball right now, I’ll probably watch the majority of these games. I mean it’s the Rays. The same team that hasn’t won over 70 games in their history and now they are in the World Series. How can you not root for them? However, the way the series has gone in recent years, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Phillies won in 5 just to piss the world off. However, I’ll take the Rays in six.

Ed Hochuli has nothing on this guy – I’m sure you’ve all seen the clip of the SEC ref taking out the South Carolina quarterback. That was awesome. I don’t know if he did it on purpose, if it was planned, if he is a Tim Donaghy or what but there is on reason a ref should ever take out a football player. That quarterback, Stephen Garcia, should be embarrassed. Now the ref, Wilbur Hackett (when was the last time you heard someone named Wilbur? Think he’s from the south?), is a YouTube sensation. In fact, he has made over $50 million theoretical dollars.

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