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The biggest game in Cleveland sports this weekend doesn’t contain the Browns, Indians, Cavs, Monsters or Gladiators and it takes place in Indiana. We’ll get to that game in a second but first something has been bothering me.


I can’t figure out these Cavaliers. They look about as bad as the mid 90s Clippers without LeBron (109-74 loss to the Pistons, 91-82 loss to the Raptors, 80-70 loss to Celtics, 100-79 loss to the Nets, 105-86 loss to Washington, 96-93 to the Bobcats). Then they beat the Pacers with LeBron but then they look as bad as  the pre-LeBron Cavs for a few games losing to the Nets again, 76ers. Then it’s a decent win over the Bucks followed by the worse performance since Ashlee Simpson on SNL in a 108-90 loss to the Knicks. Next was a good win against the Lakers which was followed by a miserable effort against Golden State. The Heat were up next, thank goodness, and the Cavs made them look as bad as the Cavs did with out LeBron. And finally, last night, the Cavs beat a really good Dallas team. I just don’t get it.


The Cavs won last night’s game the way they won last year, with good defense, physical play/rebounding and LeBron making key plays down the stretch. The Cavs have held the Heat and Mavericks to 82 and 81 points. Does this mean the defense is finally coming around? Hopefully. Larry Hughes scored 17 points last night. Does this mean he will finally be a consistent contributer? Not likely.  With a win over last year’s MVP lead Western power propel the Cavs to start playing ball like the defending Eastern Conference Champions and not the third-place winners of a 35 and older men’s church league team? I’m guessing yes. But then again, this team as been all over the board like a drunk 19-year old playing darts for the first time. Saturday night they are in New Orleans in game that will be watched by 29 people since it starts the same time New England Patriots go for NFL history but back-to-back road games and the effort the Cavs give will tell where this team is headed.


As for the Browns, HERE WE GO INDY, HERE WE GO!!! I said it before, and I’ll say it again, especially a lot on Sunday at the game and while watching the Indy-Titans game, LET’S GO JIM SORGI. Since the Browns blew the season in Cincy last week,  there game means absolutely nothing. Well, maybe not absolutely nothing since if the Titans-Colts tie, the Browns need to win to make the playoffs. And we all know how likely a tie is. There hasn’t been one in over five years since the Falcons and Steelers tied. I just wish the Titans-Colts game was being played either at 1 or 4 so we would know sooner if the Browns were going to be in the playoffs. I’ll be at the game and it would be great to celebrate up there when the Titans lose. A perfect situation would have been to have that game played at 4. Then after the Browns win, everyone would stay around in the parking lot and listen or watch the Colts win and then party again afterwards. Instead, we’ll have to go home and wait until 11 or 11:30 p.m. to know our fate. LET’S GO JIM SORGI.


I like the way the Browns are approaching this game though. They are acting like a win would get them in the playoffs. I know it has no meaning but if they lose and the Titans lose, the Browns will be backing into the playoffs with two straight loses. I’ll take a playoff appearance any way possible but going in with a win would be much better. I’d rather be 10-6 and not get in than 9-7 and not get in. It doesn’t mean much but 10 wins and not making the playoffs just seems better and gives us more to complain about. No matter what happens, I hope all 80,000 fans in Cleveland Browns Stadium stay to the end of the game and don’t leave until the team comes back out and makes a final lap around the field. Because playoffs or not, 9 wins or 10 wins, this has been a season to remember. It’s be fun, entertaining and totally unexpected yet totally enjoyable. No one would have ever thought this was what we were in for. Yes, it’s going to be disappointing if we don’t make the playoffs after being so close but the season still far surpassed everyone’s expectations. I, for one, am extremely happy, as I wrote earlier this season, that the Browns made Sundays fun again. 


But let’s now turn all our attention and cheering and superstitions or whatever you do to root your team on, to the Colts. HERE WE GO INDY, HERE WE GO!!!


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Grab Bag Day

It’s time for a Grab Bag Day. So do what you do after you order a Jose Cuervo Black and cola, sit back, relax and enjoy.


~ The NFL decided to put the New England Patriots chance at perfection on regular TV (CBS and NBC). How nice of the NFL to try and make people happy. That’s gotta be a first. I expect the NEP to blow out the NYG. I want to see it happen. I want to see New England go undefeated. I want it because I’m a Pats fan, well really just Brady fan since he went to Michigan, but I love seeing him go down as the greatest QB ever. But more so, I want it to happen because I’m sick of the 1972 Dolphins and Don Shula. No champagne for you guys this year. That was the most annoying thing in the world. Right after anytime Shula opens his mouth to talk about that team.


~ Can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Two college basketball coaches are in the news again, but not for something new. Bob Knight has been reprimanded by the Big XII for calling an officials call “awful.” Really? He was reprimanded for this? Bob laughs at your reprimand and throws a chair at you. You really think giving him an official reprimand is going to have any affect on him?


And Eddie Sutton, the old drunk himself, will come out of retirement to coach at San Francisco. That really shouldn’t surprise anyone. Sutton’s at 798 career victories. For the longest time he said he wanted to get to 800. Now he’s doing the most selfish thing a coach can do and un-retire just to get the two wins. He’s taken over on an interim basis and former head coach Jessie Evans had to leave the team for personal reasons not discussed, but it sounds like he’ll be back next at the latest, if not this year. My guess is SF gave Evans a nice package to leave for the year so they could bring Sutton in and get some attention on their program while Sutton drinks from his flask on the bench and drives home like he’s in a video game. My money’s on a few days after number 800, Sutton is either arrested again for drunk driving, gets in an accident, or at the very least, immediately retires and then goes on a drunk driving cross country tour speaking to high school kids how to get out of DUI tickets and make a living while still be drunk 23 hours a day.


~ The San Diego Padres signed Mark Prior to a one-year, $1 million deal. I don’t get this. His numbers last year were as good as mine. As in he didn’t pitch. The year before that, his numbers were as good as mine could have been, 1-6 with a 7.21 ERA. After his surgeries, he’s basically starting all over, learning to pitch once again. He’s 27-years old. I’m 25-years old. Why doesn’t someone sign me and teach me how to pitch? I got to have more up side since I’m two years younger and don’t have an arm made of paper mashe.


~ College Bowl Update: I got one right!!! But barely. Purdue made the Big Ten proud going back to the Big Ten roots and beating a MAC school with good old fashion smash mouth football. Tonight, Go Texas!!!

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A quick holiday weekend wrap

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Santa was pretty good to me. I’ll be able to go on my Myrtle Beach golf trip without spending any money I didn’t get for Christmas. That is huge. I hope Santa was that good to everyone else, and Hanukkah Santa was nice to you Rosenberg.


The Browns blew it. Absolutely blew it. No other way to put it. In the biggest game of they year, they came out like it was the first game of year against the Steelers all over again. Derek Anderson morphed into Chaz Frye. Eli Manning thought he looked lost out there. I don’t understand how in the biggest game of the year, the game that means everything, the game the city of Cleveland has waited for since 1994, that makes or breaks your season, you play that bad. I guess when I say you, I really should just say Derek. The defense played well, giving up touchdowns only on short fields, Jamal Lewis ran well until they had to give up the run and Braylon made a few catches. In the two biggest games of the year (at Pittsburgh and at Cincy) DA looked like Sergio on Sunday in a major. It was just very, very,  very, very, very, very very disappointing to see.


Now it all come down to Week 17. It’s a do-or-die. It’s down to one game, win-or-lose. No, not for the Browns. It doesn’t matter what they do Sunday against the 49ers. It all comes down to the Titans at the Colts. Suddenly, Jim Sorgi is my favorite NFL player. Go Colts.


On to the Cavs. They looked like a real basketball team again yesterday. Of course they were playing a minor league NBDL team. Seriously, what happened to the Heat? My goodness they are awful. Shaq looks like he needs a walker to get up and down the court and D-Wade looks like he’s one more blown assist away from just storming off the floor and blowing up his teams locker room, literally. I knew the Heat would be bad when they trade for Ricky Davis. Has any team ever been happen to trade FOR Ricky Davis? The time a team trades for him, until the time the trade him away, there’s not a day that goes by that the GM of that team doesn’t think about killing himself. He is a plague and a waste of space. Is there anyone in the NBA with a worse winning percentage? I think he’s only been on one winning team his whole career and that was when he was traded to Boston and played 20 games for them. He can’t have won more than a third of the games he’s played. I tried looking this up but couldn’t find any stats to back it up.


And those college bowls games are exciting, aren’t they? How many has anyone watched so far? Has anyone sat through a whole game yet? I can barely make it though four minutes before wanting to find a rerun of Saved by the Bell or just jam plastic sporks into my eyes. As Graig so kindly pointed out, I’m off to an amazing 2-for-6 start. Although, I’m two missed field goals away from being 4-for-6. Anyway, I’ll be money on the big bowl games starting with the Motor City Bowl tonight. Go Boilermakers!


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BBCS – Beanie’s Bowl Challenge Selection game

College football bowl games start tonight with the ever classic/festive Poinsettia Bowl. It’s the United State’s Navy verse the United States Most Boring State of Utah. I’ll take Navy in this one (I mean come on, they have battleships). Let’s play a little game right now and everyone pick the winners of all the bowls. (straight up, no spreads) Ready, on your mark… Get set… GO!


~ Poinsettia – NAVY over Utah


~New Orleans – MEMPHIS over Florida Atlantic


~Papajohns.com – CINCINNATI over Southern Miss (I love this bowl game name b/c they could have called it the Papa John’s Bowl but no, they had to go with the dot com name)


~New Mexico – NEW MEXICO over Nevada


~Las Vegas – UCLA over BYU (For the record, since you can’t tell by the caps, I really am picking UCLA but I have a feeling I should go with BYU for the sole reason that the game is in Vegas. BYU Mormons won’t be influenced by the glitz and glamor [booze, gambling and ladies] while UCLA won’t sleep an wink. Of course, UCLA is a little used to that stuff so if BYU comes overwhelmed with Vegas they could not even show up for the game since they are on a 18-hour bender.)

~ Hawaii – BOISE STATE over East Carolina (I wanted to pick Hawaii so bad. Is this the first time they aren’t playing in their own bowl game?)


~ Motor City – PURDUE over Central Michigan (as much as I don’t want to pick a Big Ten team, I just can’t pick a MAC team either.)


~ Holiday – TEXAS over Arizona State


~ Texas – TCU over Houston (did they rename this the Texas Bowl because the two teams are from Texas, or did they pick two teams from Texas because it’s the Texas Bowl?)


~ Champ Sports – BOSTON COLLEGE over Michigan State


~ Emerald – MARYLAND over Oregon State


~ Meineke Car Car – WAKE FOREST over Connecticut


~ Liberty – CENTRAL FLORIDA over Mississippi State


~ Alamo – TEXAS A&M over Penn State (in the bowl I wish Michigan was playing in because they’d at least have a chance against the Aggies.)


~ Independence – ALABAMA over Colorado


~ Armed Forces – AIR FORCE over California (I think Cal will win but how do you pick against the Air Force in the Armed Forces Bowl? That’d be like rooting against Rocky when he fought the Drago.)


~ Humanitarian – FRESNO STATE over Georgia Tech (in the bowl where both teams are pissed of at Boise State for making their field blue and even more pissed off they have to play one of only cold weather bowl games. I took Frenso only because they’ve played on the blue before and GT will be utterly confused by it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of the line men wearing water wings.)


~Sun – SOUTH FLORIDA over Oregon (remember how at one point this year both these teams were ranked No. 2 in the land?)


~ Music City – KENTUCKY over Florida State (how stupid do you have to be to get caught cheating on an online test? Florida State football dumb apparently.)


~ Chick-fil-A – AUBURN over Clemson (side note: a Chick-fil-A just opened near me and, one it’s delicious, two, I’ve never seen a fast food restaurant packed like that since McDonald’s was giving away Beanie Babies and even that couldn’t compare to the rowdiness seen for these chicken sandwiches.)


~ Insight – OKLAHOMA STATE over Indiana


~ Outback – TENNESSEE over Wisconsin


~ Cotton – AKRKANSAS over Missouri (this could be one of the best bowl games. It starts at 11:30 New Year’s Day, so wake up, drink your hangover off and watch this great game. I like Mizzou but Run DMC is too great.)


~ Gator – VIRGINIA over Texas Tech


~ Capital One – FLORIDA over Michigan (I hate to pick it that way but I really can’t see Michigan stopping Tebow. I really hope Michigan surprises everyone and sends Carr off with a great win. He deserves it.)


~ Rose – USC over Illinois (could be the biggest blowout of the bowls. Still don’t understand how Illinois gets a BCS bid. The rule of only two teams from the same conference needs to be changed. Missouri should be here.)


~ Sugar – HAWAII over Georgia (if you can’t win your division, let alone conference, not sure you should get a BCS either. I’m picking Hawaii on the lone fact that I want them to win to see if the next non-BCS team to go undefeated finally gets to play for a national title)


~ Fiesta – OKLAHOMA over West Virginia


~ Orange – VIRGINIA TECH over Kansas (Kansas had a great season but this game just means more to the people from Blacksburg.)


~ International BALL STATE over Rutgers 


~ GMAC TULSA over Bowling Green (not sure why these last two games are played after Jan. 1. No one cares about them. Lump them into December with the rest of the games.)


~ BSC Championship LSU over Ohio State (and the losses in national title games continue to add up, football [twice], basketball and soccer, and finally shuts the stupid Luckeye fans up.)


So there you have it. All 32 bowl winners. Let me know who you got in all the games. The winner will get a whole post devoted to him and his best comments.


Since I more than likely won’t be back to blog until Dec. 26, Merry Christmas to all. Hope Santa is good to you and you enjoy the holiday. 

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The Moron Report

Sorry I missed yesterday (no excuses but I was busy at work [for once] and just didn’t have a good topic to come up with). Today could be my last post (besides for a game I’ll post later) until after Christmas so don’t miss your daily Beanie two much over the next five days. Because that’s the case, let this moron (I’ll explain later) take you through some things from yesterday and preview what should be a pretty good weekend.


~ The Cavs stink. The end.  Really? You lose by 18 to the New York Knicks? The same New York Knicks team that has their fans booing them during warm-ups. The same New York Knicks that are led by Isiah Thomas who can’t even run a fantasy basketball team let a lone a real live one. The Same New York Knicks whose fans are picketing in from of MSG to fire Thomas. The same New York Teams that is making the Los Angeles Clippers of the 1990’s look stable. Yeah, they seem like a team who should beat the defending Eastern Conference Champions by 18.


~ The Boston Celtics lost to the Detroit Pistons last night to fall to just 20-3 on the season. Barring some injury or plague, they could beat the Bulls record for wins in a season.


~ Pittsburgh travels to St. Louis tonight in a game that could decide the AFC North. The Steelers have looked pretty bad recently and have dropped to just a tie breaker lead over the Browns. Can the Steelers right the ship (how bad is the cliché? I apologize for using it?) I hope they don’t. A loss to the Rams would really help the Browns but I just don’t see Pittsburgh playing that bad any more. I say they beat St. Louis, even on a short week, but then the Ravens come out and play a great final game of the year and beat them while the Browns win their final two games and win the division. Kind of crazy, right? Well this whole season has been.


~ As for the Browns, they go to Cincinnati. The Bengals are done. They’ve folded this season faster than Mary Poppins folds laundry (not sure if she ever folded laundry but it seems like she would do it a warp speed). They made the 49ers and some quarterback named Shaun Hill look good last Saturday. They allowed the Browns to score 51 points in Week 2. It was a game that really set the season for both teams. Now, the only thing the Bengals have to play for is pride and to stop the Browns from making the playoffs. For some reason I just don’t see a lot of pride in the Bengals. Their “high power offense” is on low battery. The Browns need this game to make the playoffs. Win and their in. Lose and they need help. All year long the Browns have taken it one game at a time and approached each game with the right attitude. This game is no different. They know how much it means to their season and there’s no way they lose. Browns and Steelers both 10-5 going in to the last week of the season. Never would have guessed that.


~ Now let me explain the moron reference at the beginning of the post. In Team River City’s basketball game last night, we dropped a hard fought, tough played game. I don’t remember the final score b/c the other team made a few meaningless threes in the final minute while we missed some, but it was a close game until the final 4 minutes are so. There were a few moments of confusion during the game (who’s ball was it at halftime, the clock ran a few times during our timeouts and just little stuff like that). Well around 3 minutes, all hell broke loose. The other team called a timeout. Everyone walks to the bleachers. We look up at the clock and notice the clock is still running. At this point, we are done 6. Our team tells the scorekeepers (mind you probably high school kids who know nothing about basketball) to stop the clock. They ask “who called the timeout?” They thought we called it and since we were out of timeouts, they thought the clock should keep running. Finally they stopped it at 2:45. I was furious that they cost us a good 30 seconds but one teammate calmed me down just saying, “we got to play 30 seconds harder.” Fine, it wasn’t that big of deal. But then all of sudden, the clock starting running again. At this point I, and I think a few others, are yelling at the scores table. I then go out and talk to a ref. After yelling at him to fix the clock, here’s what happened.


Ref: The clock runs during a timeout.

Me: What are you talking about? That’s why it’s a time out? 

Ref: They put a timer up there.

Me: No they don’t. There was over three minutes when the time out was called, and now there 2:43.

Ref: Hey, moron! They put a 60 second timer up there.

Me: No they don’t. That’s why it says 2:43.

Ref: I’ve been here for two games and that’s what they’ve done.

Me: I’ve been in the league for three years and I know they don’t.


Well this went on for a while but they idiot ref wouldn’t hear about that he was wrong, yet the other ref put 3:00 back on the clock. In the long run it didn’t matter b/c we got manhandled in the final minutes but at the time I was ready to hit that ref for calling me a moron when he had no idea what he was talking about. At least it didn’t go as bad as the time last year I got a whole game canceled because I called a ref a “ephin male genital licker.” 


Team River City falls to 2-3 and in fourth place. A two week break and we are back at it with a strong second half.

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Michigan spreads it out

Michigan finally hired a head football coach. Being a Michigan fan, I have to address the hiring. I wanted to do it yesterday but the Browns took top priority so we’ll do it today.


It’s amazing how Rich Rodriguez flew under the radar. His name was never mentioned until Sunday when he accepted the job. Funny how that happens yet report after report kept breaking that Les Miles was going to the coach. At last, finally, those stories are done. But would you be surprised if ESPN reported Les Miles is still considering the Michigan job? I wouldn’t.


Anyway, I never even thought about Rodriguez (I’m just going to start calling him Rod now) as the coach of Michigan but I think it’s going to be a good hire. We all know how Rod runs the spread option. We all know how Michigan has been as reluctant to change it’s offense as female employees of the New York Knicks are to be alone in a room with Isiah Thomas. We all know that Michigan only goes after the classic big white strong armed quarterback who could get out run by Joe Patreno running across the field to get to the bathroom. Ryan Mallet is not an option spread quarterback. It will be interesting to see how Michigan adobts to the spread. 


Rod said all he’ll ever coach is the option spread because that’s all he knows.  The team Michigan has right now is not built for that offense. It could take Rod two years to have his players in place. Even so, Rod will find a way to run some form of the spread, although it might not be a true version. Michigan has talented athletes and he might just start auditioning them for new positions. 


This is what Michigan needed. A new coach with new ideas. This is an offense not seen in the Big Ten so it will give them at advantage (once they learn it). This is the same offense that Michigan could never stop. You know the old saying, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. This is the perfect definition of that saying. 


There’s one thing that would make the transition to the spread option much easier for Michigan – by landing the top recruit in the country. The nations most highly coveted high school quarterback Terrelle Pryor has now put Michigan as one of his top choices. 


Pryor is a 6’6” quarterback from Pennsylvania who just ran for 209 yards and accounted for 5 touchdowns (three running, one passing, one receiving) in an AA state championship win. He is being compared a Vince Young type quarterback. Would he not be the perfect fit for the new spread attack at Michigan?


Prior to Rod’s coming to Ann Arbor, Michigan was not even on Pryor’s list of schools, West Virginia was. Now WV is off and UM is on. According to Pryor, Rod called him Sunday before he even told his team or anyone else that he was leaving WV. He has offers from Ohio State (please no), Florida (have to play behind Tebow for two years) and Penn State (hometown team but have to play for Grandpa Joe). Michigan is startin to look like a great fit.


He’s what Rod should say to him. “Terrelle, how would you like to play quarterback at the University of Michigan? I’m going there, I’d love you to come with me. Together we can change how they play football there. How would you like to change the way football is played at the nation’s all time winningest college? How would you like to change the college football world? You can be the man on the biggest stage in college football.”


You’re telling me that wouldn’t appeal to an 18-year old kid? It just makes sense. You combine him with top running back recruit Sam McGuffie and you got your backfield for the next four years, well probably only three. (If you haven’t see McGuffie’s YouTube videos, do yourself a favor and search for it now. Amazing. They will be better than Pat White/Steve Slaton.)


I like the hire. I’m hoping the trend continues of new coaches at Michigan and Ohio State where the new coach beats the old coach. Good luck Rod. 

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Browns vs Bills

It’s December 16, 2008. The Cleveland Browns host the Buffalo Bills. Who would have thought this game would have playoff implications. Because it’s such a big game (a win almost guarantees a playoff berth) it only makes sense to keep a running diary.


~~The game is going to be crazy. Look at all that snow. The announcer just said it would be 50-52 game. Really? They can’t even run, you can’t see the lines and he thinks it could be that high scoring. Just redeemd himself by saying it could be 6-3 too. Good call. (This turned out to be the last worthwhile thing Steve Tasker said all game).


~~First play, throw deep. Interesting. A good ball and it’s a touchtown.


~~I’d hate to be the guy who has to update the scoreboard for what yard line the Browns are on, it’s impossible to tell.


~~Punt by the Browns, how can you tell that was touchback, there’s no lines.


~~It just keeps getting worse. You really can’t see anything. I don’t know how you play in this. It could turn into the Ohio State-Michigan’s Snow Bowl. The teams are going to start punting on 1st down.


~~What’s the over/under on punts? 55?


~~What catch by JJ!!! The old hook and latter, play ground style. That would be touchdown on a dry day but JJ just fell b/c of the snow. Of course, overshadowed is the fact the Braylon dropped another easy catch. 


~~A great field goal by Dawson. Huge. It’s looking more like the 6-3 game than the 52-50 game. 3-0 Cleveland, 6:51 left in the first.


~~I’m pretty sure that filed goal was kicked longer than the kickoff that followed.


~~Great fourth down stop by the Browns capped off with a huge hit by Sean Jones. Whoever he hit, there no way he’s breathing right now.


~~Why take a time out with 8 seconds left in the half, on fourth down? Let the clock run out then punt. Romeo isn’t the smartest person but he sure does look warm all bundled up. I’m pretty sure he has cheesburgers stuffed in his pockets to keep him warm.


~~Safety!!! Great kick by the Bills punter. I think it was further than the punt afterwards.


~~5-0 Browns. Got to love baseball scores in football.


~~They can’t find the 40 yard line to put the ball down. Now they are looking for the 50 yard line. How great is it that they can’t find the yard line. They really took 5 minutes to try and find the yard line. I don’t think has ever, or will ever happen again.


~~Tasker is by far the worse color guy in the NFL. I feel bad for Gus Johnson having to work with him. I think CBS should turn off his mic and not tell him. It would save him the embarassement of sounding like an idiot. I wish we could see GJ face after some of Tasker’s comments.


~~Great fourth down play by Cleveland. Nothing like needing two yards, play fake the run and throw it 15 yards over the head of your fullback.


~~Andre Davis is playing a great game. Whenever the casual fan notice a linebacker, you know it’s a good game.


~~WOW!!! A 49-yard field goal. Incredible. People talk about DA, Braylon, Winslow, as the team MVP but Dawson is really making case. He’s won several games and that kick was probably the most difficult in his career. Amazing kick. I do you even have confidence to line up for a 49-yard field goal. They can just go a head and name that curved support bar on the goal post the Dawson pole now. I was down on Dawson at the start of this year but he could be a Pro Bowler. Speaking of the Pro Bowl, how many Browns make it this year? Five? Six? DA, Braylon, Winslow, Joe Thomas, Eric Steinbach, Dawson, Cribbs? You can even make a case for Jamal Lewis.


~~Halftime 8-0 Browns. Got to love it.  Here come the playoffs.


~~Break time for some chili dogs.


~~There was no running diary of the second half due to one, my computer dying on battery, two, hands being tired, three, nothing to really blog about.


~~Final – Cleveland a snowman, Buffalo a donut. 


~~Not only is this win a huge win, but Pittsburgh loss too. Cleveland has a good chance to win out, Pittsburgh is on the road in St. Louis and Baltimore. They should win both but road games in the NFL are tough. Wouldn’t that be something if the Browns win the division!?!??!!? Just strange, but great stuff happening this year and it’s fantastic. Here We Go Brownies, Here We Go!!!

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