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Highlights of the NBA Draft

WOW! Did you see all those crazy NBA trades during the draft last night? KG went where? Kobe to who? Marion is in what city? Oh, nevermind. They all stayed put, like easily predicted by J-Beanie yesterday. However, there was a slew of trades did take place.

My favorite was Zach Randolph to New York for Channing Frye and Steve “remember when I used to be called Franchise” Francis. NY may have the better end of the deal but that could change quickly. Randolph will easily put up 25-10 in the East but putting a guy with questionable character in NY City is like putting a fresh baked batch of cookies in front a fat 10-year old, leaving him a lone in the room and telling not to eat it. He’s going to eat it. It’s like letting Pacman Jones into a strip club and telling him he can’t spend any money. It’s like leaving Woody Page alone with a good looking make-up artist and telling him not to touch her. It’s like a buddy telling you not to mess with him if he passes out early on a night of drinking, then passing out at 11:00. You have to mess with him. If Randolph’s been in trouble in Portland what’s he going to do with the bright lights and all night bars in NYC. He’s going to get in trouble. The Knicks should just be thankful Roger Goodell isn’t running the NBA.

Other enjoyable moments from the night…

The awkward of David Stern’s opening speech. He fumbled his way through it and when he said “home of the Knicks and Liberty” the crowd’s reaction was great. Scattered boos and jeers. Why would he even say that? The fans of the Knicks are bitter and looking to boo anythiing and everyone was asking ‘who’s the Liberty?’

Jay Bilas’s Oprah joke about Big Baby Davis’s weight issue and Steven A. Smith laugh so hard he put his head on the desk.

All the Stuart Scott interviews with the draftees. Scott tried so hard to be “hip” he ended up not making any sense.

That Portland waited 3 minutes to pick Oden even though everyone knew they were picking him. Along those lines, how great was the “Trail Blazers draft cam” and seeing the eight suits start high-fiving when they hung up the phone like the just came up with the great move in NBA history?

Steven A. Smith actually making himself useful and predicting the 76ers would take Thaddeus Young right before Stern announced it.

I loved how Jeff Green had to wear the Celtics hat even though everyone knew he was traded to Seattle and Scott was even asking him question about playing with Durrant.

I love the move made by Danny Ferry.

I’m still disappointed no one tripped.

I’ve pleased I turned off the draft after the 14th pick to watch “Ice Age: The Meltdown.”

One thing I hate, and then I’ll call it quits for today, with Kobe and KG not being moved, that only sets up months and months of talk and speculation about why they weren’t traded and where they could still be traded. I’m Kobe/KG’d out. Let no one talk about either one until there is an actual trade. Thank you.


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Oh man. I’m so excited. I knew this morning something special was going to happen today. You could just feel it. By noon, I felt like a dog before a thunderstorm. I was all antsy and knew something was coming but no one else knew what was wrong with me. Then, at 1:31, I clicked on to Yahoo to check my email and what’s the lead story…

“It’s official!” – The rumors about a Spice Girl reunion are true, says singer Geri Halliwell.



Here’s all the detail’s. I’m so excited I can barely type right now. I can only hope their tour includes a stop in Northeast Ohio.

I do find it kind of weird that the tour is announced now after Victoria Beckham, or Posh Spice, moved to the USA. Is it a way for her to leave David or was it David’s idea to push her a way so he can hook up with all the Hollywood scarlets.

The best part, their manager is Simon Fuller, creator of American Idol. I can only hope he decides to turn this tour into a reality TV show where after each show, the live audience votes off one of the members until there are no members left.

Speaking of reality TV, I thought I had a reality TV corespondent but he hasn’t checked in yet. I think he’s a little embarrassed that he watches all those shows. Come on. Step up. This site could use your reality TV gossip.

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NBA Draft

The NBA Draft is Thursday. With the Cavs having no picks and the top two picks about as debatable does Pacman like strippers, I’m struggling to find something that will intrigue me about this draft. Sure the picks 3-17 and beyond are about as predictable as Mike Tyson’s next money making move but that’s not enough for me.

Yeah, there’s all the trade talk. KG going to LA or Phoenix, Marion or Amare leaving the Suns, nobody wanting to go to Boston, but what are the chances of that happening. Boston already said they aren’t trading their No. 5 pick, Phoenix would be stupid to trade Amare and KG has been wanting a trade for like 18 years now. I just have a feeling nothing major is going to happen, just like at the trade deadline. All these teams talk about a big trade but no one will pull it off when the time comes.

There aren’t even any crazy named foreigners in the draft to make crowd go “who did David Stern just introduce?” and the player who’s name it was looks around the green room at the other foreigners until they finally agree it was him.

I’ve read so much stuff on the draft I feel it has already happened. I feel the same way about the draft as I do about ‘Live Free or Die Hard.’ I was excited for it until everyone over-played, over-wrote, and over-talked about it. I’ve seen so many mock drafts and none have been the same. Only the top two picks. I was going to do my own but I just don’t care anymore and I don’t want to bore you with it.

About the only thing exciting about this draft is seeing what crazy dance Joakim Noah will do and what player free falls like Brady Quinn.

The draft is supposedly the deepest and most talented it’s been in ages and the only thing I want to see happen is someone trip when they walk on stage. How has that not happened in the years of all the drafts?

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Yankees, Tigers, (oh), Inidians, Oh my!

While the Yankees keep finding fun ways to lose (giving up a game-winning, walk-off, bases loaded walk to lose to the incredibly bad Orioles is very fun), the Tigers can’t handle the Rangers losing two in a row including giving up three in the top of the ninth to lose 9-6 last night, the Indians look to be back on track. The win and the Tigers’ loss put the Tribe back in a tie for first place while the Yankees lost all but assured a Yankee free October.

For the sixth time at home this season, the Indians won in their final at bat. Kelly Shoppach was the hero last night with his GW 3-run, no doubt about it home run. Before we confess my man love for him, let’s not forget some other key plays in that ninth inning. First, Grady Sizemore’s one-out walk then getting back to first so he wasn’t doubled up on Casey Blake’s long foul out that looked like it would be double. Then there was Eric Wedge’s decision to pinch run Victor Martinez after he was walked with Ben Fransisco. A great move since there was no way Martinez was scoring on Travis Hafner’s game tying double.

After Jhonny Peralta was walked, Shoppach stepped to the plate. Two pitches later he was back at the plate being mobbed by his teammates. Watching that final inning and the celebration it brought back memories of the late 1990s when come from behind wins in their final at bat was nothing out of the ordinary for the Tribe and celebrations at home plate were as common as stadium mustard.

The Tribe’s big week before the All-Star Game has started with two wins, a Cy Young performance, a slugger slump busting and a back-up walk off winner. The only thing better than that is the Yankees on life support and the Tigers not being able to beat the Rangers. Watch out, now. I think the Indians are about to drop some hurtin’ bombs.

Oh, for some fun on what Yankee fans are experiencing this morning check out GMoney’s blog (gmoneysack.blogspot.com). I love Yankee fans.

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Indians listen; Die Hard still not out; classic Rocky scene

I guess all I have to do is call out the Indians and they respond. In yesterday’s post I questioned whether Indians fans should be happy they are only two games out of first place when they offense has been awful or worried. I called out Travis Hafner and Ryan Garko saying they need to get going for the offense to get going. Well guess who comes up big for the Tribe last night? That’s right, Hafner and Garko. It’s about time. Hopefully Hafner’s HR and Garko’s what turned out to be the game winning double gets them back on track.

If it wasn’t for them, then the Tribe could have wasted another Cy Young worthy performance by C.C. Sabathia. Sabathia through his second complete game of the month. And that’s not including his 9 innings in the game the Indians lost in extra innings. C.C.’s a beast. Like Sabathia, Josh Beckett has 11 wins with a slightly lower ERA, 3.04 to 3.24. Dan Haren, who Cleveland faces tonight, is 9-2 with a 1.78 ERA but it’s C.C. who should start the All-Star game. C.C. has the most innings pitched, has more strikeouts than both of them, has throw two complete games to none for both of them including one shutout. C.C. has been more dominate and if a little more run support he could easily be 13-1 or even 14-1. He still has two more starts before the All-Star Game and if he gets to 13 wins he deserves to start. Beckett can still get to 13 wins too, but we’ve already went over why C.C. gets the nod above him. I think it helps that Jim Leyland is the manager of the AL. Being in the same division he should stick with C.C. out of respect.

More on the who should make the All-Star Game probably tomorrow but for now I need to talk about something that’s been bothering me for some time.

It’s the new Die Hard movie, Live Free or Die Hard. I can’t believe this movie comes out tomorrow. I’m so confused by that. Doesn’t it seem like it’s been out for a month now? When I saw the preview for the 538th time this morning during my SportsCenter hour, I honestly thought I must be watching something I DVR’d. There’s no way this movie hasn’t opened yet. It might be the most promoted, hyped movie of all time. I swear they’ll been showing the trailer since January. Any desire I had to see it (which I had only a little in the first place) was killed off with all the previews. As soon as I saw a car jump a toll booth to take out a helicopter, I knew the movie had no chance. If that wasn’t enough, how about the scene were the car is flip towards Bruce Willis and then miraculously two car pull up right next to him and stop the other car from landing on him. Even Bruce Willis from Unbreakable thinks that is ridiculous. I know I’ll eventually see the movie, either on DVD or when it finally makes its way on to TV and there are Die Hard marathons like the Rocky marathons (how much is Spike TV, TNT and USA going to love running those), but until then, I don’t need to hear detective John McClane say “yippee kai-yay mother fucker.”

While I’m on the subject of sequels that come out way to late after the pervious movie and by action stars that well past their prime, I need to mention something about Rocky Balboa. I enjoyed the movie just because I wanted to since I’m a big Rocky fan but one scene always makes me laugh and I had to share it. It was right before Rocky started training for his fight with Antonio Tarver. Here’s how it went. Just sit back and enjoy. A classic movie moment.

Duke: You know all there is to know about fighting, so there’s no sense us going down that same old road again. To beat this guy, you need speed – you don’t have it. And your knees can’t take the pounding, so hard running is out. And you got arthritis in your neck, and you’ve got calcium deposits on most of your joints, so sparring is out.

Paulie: I had that problem.

Duke: So, what we’ll be calling on is good ol’ fashion blunt force trauma. Horsepower. Heavy-duty, cast-iron, piledriving punches that will have to hurt so much they’ll rattle his ancestors. Every time you hit him with a shot, it’s gotta feel like he tried kissing the express train. Yeah! Let’s start building some hurtin’ bombs!

Yeah! Got to love them hurtin’ bombs!

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A big week upcoming for Tribe

The Cleveland Indians are only 2 games out of first place, trailing the Detroit Tigers. If someone would have told me that at the beginning of the year I probably would have been happy with it. The Tribe is 12 games over .500 at 43-31. Again, would have been happy with it at the beginning of the year. Cleveland is just 10-12 in June. Ten times they scored 3 runs are less. They won only 2 series and one of those was against Kansas City. Hafner has all of 13 hits in the month, Ryan Garko have been even worse with 9 hits and Trot Nixon has been nonexistent with 7 hits. Only two players on the roster are hitting over .300 and one of them is the back-up catcher (Kelly Shopach hitting .373 and Victor Martinez at .314). The three players with the next best averages aren’t even everyday players – Jason Michaels .294, Franklin Gutierrez .292 and Garko .291. The Tribe is still second in runs scored (5.4 a game), fourth in home runs but only sixth in batting average.

With all that said, the Indians are still only 2 games out of first place. They’re in a better spot than they’ve been since 2001. There’s no doubt the offense has struggled but they are just two games back. So should we be concerned with the lack of offense or should we be happy they are in a pennant race? Being an optimist, I want to just be happy they are in a pennant race, but I can’t. They should still be at least tied for first, like they were when they went into the weekend. Instead they were one Martinez home run away from being swept by the triple-A like Washington Nationals. I can’t see the offense getting any worse. Hafner can’t be slumping this bad all year. Pitchers aren’t giving him anything to hit so he chases after some pitches he normally wouldn’t to try and get something going. He’ll lock in soon. If he gets it going again, the rest of the lineup will follow. He’s the key.

The next week and a half will be very important to how the season plays out. Back-to-back four game home series with Oakland and Tampa Bay lead into a big series at Detroit. The Tribe has to take 5-of-8 from the A’ and Devil Rays at the worse. The Tigers are playing really well. They got Texas and Minnesota before the Tribe. Cleveland can’t afford to fall anymore more than, at the worse, 3 games back before their match up. At least that way, a sweep would tie the two teams up. Of course, the Tigers could come in and sweep the Indians at which point it would be a six game hole and things could be ugly. Not to put a lot of importance on a series in the first week of July, but the July 3-5 series is very important.

The Indians’ bats need to get it together. Thank goodness for C.C. and Fausto and just about the rest of the pitching staff. Hopefully coming home and playing AL teams again will get the Tribe back on track. They are only 2 games out of first, which normally I’d be happy about, but it almost feels like more than that.

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Three babies less than a week old who I’m jealous of

Remember those old Gatorade commercials with Michael Jordan and the song “Wanna be, wanna be like Mike.” First of all, great commercials. Second, I think the new slogan should be “Wanna be, wanna be like Bryce” or ““Wanna be, wanna be like Sam,” or “Wanna be, wanna be like Ella.” I think I could be happy being anyone of those three newborns, or at least their best friend.

LeBron James, Tiger Woods and Jeff Gordon all welcomed children into the world last week. For LeBron it was his second, Woods and Gordon are first time fathers. LeBron and Gordon are worth an estimated $200 million while Woods sits at $252 million. I think these kids are going to have a pretty decent life a head of them.

I mean how cool would it be to be one of these kids? You’re life is set before you learn to walk. Hell, before you can even open your eyes. All come from athletic, good looking, self driven, motivated respected parents. The dads are on top of their respected athletic fields and the moms are knockouts. Well, Lebron’s isn’t quite supermodel status but still a very attractive female.

Some lucky babies came from these couples.

Bryce Maximus James will have a little bit of a chip on his should, however. He is LeBron’s second son and will be known as LeBron’s son who isn’t named LeBron. I don’t think he’ll have to worry about any limited athletic ability. He’ll even have LeBron, Jr. to push him hard and further than his brother and father have gone. I can only hope LeBron, Sr. plays in the NBA long enough to play with LeBron, Jr. and possibly Bryce. Let’s see, LeBron is 22 now, LeBron Jr. is 2, Bryce a week. You have to be one year out of high school to play in the NBA so that means most people would be 19 when entering the draft. So in 17 years, when LeBron Jr. is eligible for the draft, his dad will be 39. Two more years until Bryce is eligible makes him 41. Kind of a stretch but possible. Although, LeBron will probably be bored with the NBA by then and on to some other business but let’s hope he pulls a Robert Parish and sticks around. Then again, LeBron’s sons might not even go to the NBA. They might be in the NFL. After all, LeBron was All-Ohio as a sophomore wide receiver. Or maybe they’ll be great golfers, or soccer players, or tennis players, or bowlers, or darters, or swimmers, or beach volleyball players. The possibilities are endless because they are LeBron James’s kids.

The only people luckier than Sam Alexis Woods are any boy born within the past year or will be born in the next year. You’re telling me Sam isn’t going to be one of the greatest females ever to grace the earth. She’ll have athletic talent like a pizza has calories, she’ll have the coolest set of parents, she’ll be loaded and you know she’ll be knockout. The daughter of a Swedish supermodel and a man with the chiseled good looks of Tiger, she her path is already paved. She’ll make Maria Sharapova and Amanda Beard look like a pile of puke. And with the work ethic and respect Tiger has, it’s safe to say she won’t follow the lifestyle of Paris, Brittany or Lindsay.

Same can be said about Ella Sofia Gordon. Since I’m not a big NASCAR guy, I know nothing about Gordon but, oh my, is he dreamy. And that wife of his, damn! Jeff Gordon and Ingrid Vandebosch were meant to make babies together.

I wonder if any of those couples is looking for an agent/publicist/manager/assistant/drug-dealer-keeper-a-wayer. Or at least someone who can ride their coat tail.

Just for the fun of, I can’t resist and I know you want to see it, two more pictures of Elin and Ingrid.


You’re Welcome.

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