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Nate is not the next Ben and will there ever be another George Mason

What if I invited everyone I knew to a big birthday party I was throwing for myself and only my neighbor came?

What if I offered to show off my cooking skills for free to my town and only my mom showed up?

What if I set-up a study group session when I promised to do all the work and the only classmate who showed up was smartest kid in the class who didn’t need your work but felt sorry for you and showed up any way?

I’d probably feel pretty bad, don’t you think?

Well what if the rest of my life and all my dreams depended on what I was setting up and who showed up? I’d be pretty screwed don’t you think? Welcome to Nate Davis’s world. The Ball State quarterback who came out a year early for the NFL draft held his pro-day and the only team to show up was the Colts. Ouch. Just thought I would share that with everyone because it’s kind of funny. Poor Nate.

As for the basketball tournament, I don’t got much to say on it. Thursday’s game were relatively boring but luckily 11 hours of drinking made it much more enjoyable. We had to wait until late Friday to see close games. Cleveland State, well done. Ohio State, who didn’t see that coming. The last wave of games on Sunday were also the best games of the second round. Arizona is the highest-seeded (or is it lowest seeded) team left. And they aren’t even a shock because even I had them in Sweet 16. Pat Forde had a column about it on ESPN.com today, but with very little upsets, and top teams always winning on, is the tournament different now? Last year it was all four number-ones advancing to the Final Four for the first time and this year it’s all the top 12 teams advancing to the Sweet 16 for the first time. I wouldn’t say we won’t see upsets anymore; after all it was just three years when George Mason went to the Final Four, but I think we’ll see less and less double-digit seeds making runs like that. One reason may be a lot of the “mid-majors” are getting better and gaining better seeds. But that’s why there will always be upsets too. Those smaller schools get guys to come in and stay for four years and sometimes that experience can be the difference in March. Either way, upsets or no upsets, the tournament is always going to be exciting and captivate our attention and be the Thursday I look forward to more than any other day of the year.


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Happy Madness Eve

We are just over 24 hours away (less than 24 by the time most of you read this) from the 2009 NCAA men’s basketball championship. Who else is more excited about tomorrow than they were for Christmas? Here’s why the Tournament Thursday is better than Christmas.

  • You don’t have to buy anyone anything. Sure, you still spend a lot of money, but it’s only on things for you (beer, food) and the rest of what you spend has a slim chance to be a great investment (if you when any of your brackets).
  • You don’t have to wake up early and spend all day with your family. Instead, you wake up and for those suckers with jobs go to a fake day of work and get on cbs.sportsline.com right away to watch the games for free, while the rest of us sleep as late as we can, even though with all the excitement it’s hard to sleep past 9 a.m., Then we make our plans to meet up with friends to spend 12 hours in front of the TV watching basketball.
  • You get to eat much unhealthier food and don’t have to do it around a table, trying to avoid that one uncle/cousin/or other relative you really don’t want to talk to. On TT (Tournament Thursday), you get to eat pizza and wings in front of a TV and only trying to avoid Billy Packer… oh wait. He’s gone this year. Perfect.
  • You don’t have to spend time with the GF and there’s nothing they can do about.
  • You are allowed to get as drunk as you want with the only consequence being you may not remember a great late game on Friday morning.
  • Friends you haven’t talked to in forever call/text you again to want to hang out only during TT you actually want to see them and at Christmas you really don’t care.
  • Once Christmas is over, it’s over for a year. When TT is over, you still got TF, TS, TS-II and six more days of basketball after that.
  • If you win J Beanie’s Bracket Challenge (still time to sign up on yahoo, group name is J Beanie’s Bracket, group ID is 54214  and password is jbeanie) you get an autographed picture of Beanie himself. (And if J is up to it, we’ll include him in the photo.)

The conference tournaments were great and I think that foreshadows to what is going to be a crazy NCAA tournament. How come most games during the year don’t come down to the final minute but it seems like every game in March does? It’s hard to predict what will happen this year. During the season, every time a new No. 1 took over, they lost. Is that what’s going to happen in the tourney? I could see no number-one’s making it to the Final Four or I could see all of them making it. No idea and that’s what is so awesome. I just can’t wait until tomorrow.

One more thing:

Cavs game last night = awesome. It felt like a playoff game watching it. McLoud and AC were amped up all game but especially to start the fourth quarter. What stood out to me is how important it is to have a guy like Mo. I know we have seen how much better he has made the team all year but it’s in games like last night’s win over Orlando and future games in the playoffs where it is most evident. He wasn’t shooting the ball great, he had just missed two three’s in a row, but LBJ gets him the ball for another three and he drills it to put the Cavs up one. Later, he hit another to go up two. It’s so nice to have someone who is willing to, and can, step up down the stretch so it isn’t all LeBron all the time.

How awesome was LeBron’s last free throw when he told the crowd to get loud and then he made the shot. M-V-P! M-V-P!

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Eight Days and counting

Eight days. Eight days until the greatest weekend of the year.

If what March has brought us so far, it’s going to be an awesome, heart-pounding, climatic, breath-taking, edge of your seat, any other cliche you can think of, March the rest of the way. Let’s see what’s happened so far.

Cleveland State is going to the dance for the first time since 1986 and Rollie Massimino. Not that I’m a big Viking fan but got to root for the home team and that was a pretty sweet ending to the game last night.

Akron and Kent State both pulled out close wins keeping Kent State’s 20-win season streak a live. (They need one more win.)

OU won to set up a showdown with Bowling Green as they march towards the MAC title.

Sad to see Stephen Curry out of the tourney but I was getting tired of Davidson anyway. It wouldn’t have been the same story if Davidson made a run again. It wouldn’t have been a surprise or as fun. Now there will be another team we can all fall in love with and watch in amazement as they pull off a few upsets. We had George Mason, Davidson and now who knows, Cleveland State? Siena? OU? Michigan? (Seal, what ever happened to suite tickets to the MAC or even that Cavs game you could get suite tickets too?)

Speaking of the Cavs, I didn’t watch the end of last night’s game but on the radio this morning they were talking about AC’s announcing, and my god, I being tired this morning would have been worth. Priceless stuff, even for Deep in the Q himself.

Did you see Kerry Wood pitched well yesterday? And by well I mean he didn’t have any body part fall off.

Let’s talk about the 2009 New York Jets back-ups, other wise known as the Cleveland Browns. What the hell is Mangina doing? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he has taken over a team which wasn’t good and needs help at every position on defense and a few on offense (right side of line and possible running back, TE, and wide receiver). One way to make impact changes right away is through free agency. Mangina is all over that. But instead of going after big time players who can make an impact, he has gone after his former players with the Jets. But not the good ones. The back-ups. Guys who couldn’t start for the Jets are now supposed to come and start for the Browns. That is either awful GMing and coaching or it just says how bad the Browns really are that back-ups from a 9-7 team can come here and start, or maybe it’s both. When The Chocolate Dumpling and Savage were in charge they went after free agents. They might have always worked out, but it gave us fans something to be excited about in March before the reality of the season set in. Thanks to Mangina, the reality of the crappy season has already begun.

I set up a bracket challenge at Yahoo. Group name is J Beanie’s Bracket, group ID is 54214  and password is jbeanie. So please go sign up. The winner gets a guest post (possibly more than one if you want) and an autographed picture of J Beanie himself.

It may still be eight days and counting until the first game tips-off but it’s only five days until you can start filling out brackets. Who else gets excited like a boy seeing his first set of tits when they think about that?

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I’ve already bookmarked his blog

If you haven’t checked out ESPN.com yet today, go do it right now. Go ahead. Just remember to come back. OK, see you in a few.

(waiting for everyone…..  

OK, I think we got them all)

Did something stand out to you? Did you notice something a little odd? Maybe something a little funny?

No, not that TJ Houszmansazda signed with the Seahawks and will fall off the face of the earth like every other Seattle reciever who relies on Matt Hasselbeck to throw him the ball.

No, not that David Beckham still is in the headlines saying he’s coming back to LA. Even though that is pretty funny that people still care about him or care about soccer in general.

No, it’s not even Rick Riley’s ugly mug shot.

Nope. Not how LeBron and the Cavs played one of their best quarters of the season and beat the Heat last night which was a great, great win.

It’s none of those. What should have stood out to you is this link…

“In prison blog, Clarett seeking to inspire others.”

Really? Maurice Clarett? Inspiring others? The same Maurice Clarett who challenged the NFL early entry rule and lost? The same Maurice Clarett who got fat and still some how was drafted but sucked so bad the Broncos, who love having 13 running backs on their roster, cut him after two days? The same Maurice Clarett who got drunk, had bottle of Grey Goose all over his car with load guns wearing a bullet proof vest and led cops on a high speed chase?

Yep, it’s the same guy.

I don’t even know what joke to make here. There are so many possibilities. Who would take advice from him? I don’t think he has ever made a right decision. OJ Simpson thinks he makes bad choices.

Clarett is also taking classes online through Ohio University. I didn’t even know you could use a computer in prison. And he has time to write a blog and take classes? I don’t understand that one. Does anyone? Does any understand Clarett? What do you think he will do when he gets out of prison? My guess is end up back in prison. Any takers on that bet?

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Catching up with the Three

The time over the next month, leading up to the NFL draft, is a great time in the sporting world. It’s second only to the start of football season when baseball season is in full swing and basketball is about to get started. Right now there is only one  sport (hockey doesn’t count until the playoffs) going on but baseball is about to get started (plus the idea of baseball season is usually more exciting than the season itself) and free agency/draft news in the NFL is always entertaining. With that being said, let’s look at what is going on with the three Cleveland teams.

CAVS – Last night’s win was a gift. You know how in games when there is a bad call at one end and then the refs give a questionable call to the other team to try and even things out? Well, last night’s win over the Hawks was a make-up win. Remember that Pacers game when Joey Crawford made up his mind to give the Pacers free throws after LBJ’s to tie the game? Remember how pissed we all were and saying the refs lost that game for us? The NBA must have felt that way to and decided to give the Cavs a break. The foul call LeBron got in the final second was a very questionable and generous call. Had it been the other way around and Andy was called for a fouled Joe Johnson on that play, we would have all been pissed. But it was LBJ and we loved the call. Again, it’s LeBron James and he should get that call. For a long time he didn’t. So their the NBA wanted to make up for the Pacers game or LBJ is finally going to get fouls called like he has earned.

INDIANS – The only thing less surprising than Kerry Wood being out with an injury is Adam Miller being out with a finger injury. Why is David Dellucci still on the team? What does he bring to field? He can’t hit. He can’t run. He’s being out played this spring by an average second baseman who hasn’t played the outfield since he was in first-grade (that’s Josh Barfield for those of you who don’t know.) And he looks like the mascot from South Park when they changed the school’s nickname to Douche. Did you hear Aaron Laffey reached 91 on the radar gun? Boy, now I feel confident about our No. 5 starter. 

BROWNS – Getting rid of Winslow is fine with me. They better of got good picks for him, though. But if Matt Cassell only gets a second-round pick, I don’t feel good about what the Browns got for The Solider. I’m hoping a second-, third- and fifth series of picks. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s like a second or third this year and a fifth next year. The only thing that pisses me off about this is that everyone knew there was a good chance K2 wasn’t coming back. The Browns prepared for that by drafting Martin Rucker and then went on to never play him. Even when Winslow was out the last four games of the year, The Chocolate Dumpling decided to play a the Oscar Myer Wiener over Rucker. Thanks Romeo. (What do you think Romeo is doing now? I’m guessing he is being made fun of by teenage boys at the CiCi’s pizza buffet on Tuesday’s, Thursday’s, Saturday’s and every other Sunday and by the retarded staff at Hometown Buffet on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, Friday’s and every other Sunday’s as he sits by himself in the restaurant  from open to close trying to show off his Super Bowl rings and stories to anyone who will listen.)

What is Eric Mangini doing? Does he know it’s the free agent signing period? Does he know what that means? He comes to a team that won four games last year, needs help at every position on defense, needs depth on offense and he doesn’t go after anyone? How is he going to fix this team? On top of doing nothing in free agency, he is literally doing nothing. He doesn’t talk to his players and he pisses your best player off who now wants off the team. How can a new coach come to a team and not meet with his players? If he doesn’t have a team meeting, how is not meeting one-on-one with them yet? He doesn’t even return phone calls/emails/texts. Rumor has it he is just sitting in his office watching film. Film of what we don’t know, but there is a good chance there are more pizza boxes and hamburger wrappers on the floor that even The Chocolate Dumpling would find gross. Mangini better know what he’s doing because right now he looks like the Browns did on the field last year.

Only 17 days until March Madness kicks off!!!

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